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US10150877 Electrophoretic dispersion liquid, method of manufacturing electrophoretic dispersion liquid, electrophoretic sheet, electrophoretic device, and electronic apparatus
US10150878 Pigment dispersions and printing inks with improved coloristic properties
US10150880 Ink set, printing method, and printing apparatus
US10150881 Aqueous inkjet ink set for textile printing and method for producing printed textile item
US10150882 Reduced salt precipitation in carbohydrate containing binder compositions
US10150883 UV-curable coating compositions and methods for using them
US10150884 Composition, methods and devices useful for manufacturing of implantable articles
US10150885 Gas-barrier packaging material
US10150886 Coatings containing polyester macromers containing 1,1-dicarbonyl-substituted 1 alkenes
US10150887 Composition for solid coating formation and tubular threaded joint
US10150888 Sprayable composition, its use and method for sealing openings or gaps in building components
US10150889 Poly fluorine-containing siloxane coatings
US10150890 CMP slurry composition for polishing copper and polishing method using the same
US10150891 Shrink films and related combinations and methods
US10150892 High capacity easy release extended use adhesive devices
US10150893 Structural adhesives having improved wash-off resistance and method for dispensing same
US10150894 Polyolefin-based compositions having polyisobutylenes, adhesives, and related multi-layered structures thereof
US10150895 Curable composition
US10150896 Surface protection film
US10150897 Adhesive compositions, manufacture and use thereof
US10150898 Use of epoxy film adhesive with high ink compatibility and thermal oxidative stability for printhead interstitial bonding in high density printheads
US10150899 Polymer formulations for use with electro-optic media
US10150900 Abrasive particles and abrasive articles including the same
US10150902 Thermally conductive silicone composition and electrical/electronic apparatus
US10150903 Composition and use therof, oil-based drilling fluid and a method for raising shearing force of oil-based drilling fluid
US10150904 Nano zeolite cement additive and methods of use
US10150905 Settable, form-filling loss circulation control compositions comprising in situ foamed non-hydraulic sorel cement systems and method of use
US10150906 Degrading and removing cured resins from substrates
US10150907 Sequential surfactant treatments for enhancing fracturing fluid recovery
US10150908 Method and system for the recovery of oil, using water that has been treated using magnetic particles
US10150909 Use of a boron cross linker in an emulsion system
US10150910 Well treatment fluids comprising cross-linkable polysaccharides
US10150911 Metal complex and color conversion film comprising same
US10150912 Red phosphor, white light emitting apparatus, display apparatus, and lighting apparatus
US10150913 Scintillator, preparing method thereof, and application thereof
US10150914 Ceramic phoswich with fused optical elements, method of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
US10150916 Soil erosion preventer having high freezing and thawing stability
US10150917 Liquid crystalline medium
US10150918 Patterned liquid crystal alignment using ink-jet printed nanoparticles and use thereof to produce patterned, electro-optically addressable devices; ink-jet printable compositions
US10150919 Method and a system for processing plastic waste
US10150920 Process for producing liquid hydrocarbon
US10150921 Biomass conversion process to hydrocarbons
US10150922 Renewable hydrocarbon composition
US10150925 Pressurising of bulk material in lock hoppers
US10150926 Configurations and methods of flexible CO2 removal
US10150927 Polymers as additives for fuels and lubricants
US10150928 Polyester and use of polyester in lubricants
US10150929 Urea grease
US10150930 Low sulfur marine distillate fuel trunk piston engine oil composition
US10150931 Grease compositions comprising estolide base oils
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