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US10150932 Auxiliary emergency protective lubrication system for metal mechanical components
US10150933 Process for removing metal from a metal-containing glyceride oil comprising a basic quaternary ammonium salt treatment
US10150934 Method for the purification of fatty acid aklyl esters
US10150936 Branched biodegradable low foam nonionic surfactants
US10150937 Cleaning product
US10150938 Translucent or transparent, self-standing, automatic dishwashing gel
US10150939 Lenticular soap
US10150940 Culture apparatus
US10150941 Media mixing chamber
US10150942 Control of pH and dissolved gas in medium
US10150943 klebsiella sp. strain and method for preparing microbial flocculant from same
US10150944 Method for decreasing the concentration of sulfate reducing bacteria in an aqueous system
US10150946 Media for stem cells
US10150947 Nanotube structures, methods of making nanotube structures, and methods of accessing intracellular space
US10150948 Compositions and methods for producing and administering brown adipocytes
US10150949 Cardiomyocyte marker
US10150950 Method for culturing mesenchymal stem cells according to cell size
US10150951 Process for producing N-propanol and propionic acid using metabolically engineered propionibacteria
US10150952 Compositions and methods for protein glycosylation
US10150953 Well-tolerated and highly specific tailored recombinase for recombining asymmetric target sites in a plurality of retrovirus strains
US10150954 Modified polymerases for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues
US10150956 Compositions and methods comprising sequences having meganuclease activity
US10150957 Protease variants and polynucleotides encoding same
US10150958 Innovative discovery of therapeutic, diagnostic, and antibody compositions related to protein fragments of threonyl-tRNA synthetases
US10150959 Immobilized ketoreductases and process for making and using immobilized ketoreductase
US10150960 C-probe libraries for DNA target enrichment
US10150961 Methods for preparing monoclonal antibodies recognizing glycan binding site as an epitope
US10150962 Methods for the selection of binding proteins
US10150963 Partitioning and processing of analytes and other species
US10150965 Methods and compositions for the specific inhibition of transthyretin (TTR) by double-stranded RNA
US10150966 RNA sequence having anti-tumour activity
US10150967 MicroRNA compounds and methods for modulating miR-122
US10150969 Methods and compositions to regulate plant transformation susceptibility
US10150970 Methods to increase antigenicity of membrane-bound polypeptides produced in plants
US10150971 Polynucleotide sequences and proteins encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
US10150972 Composition to enhance immunity
US10150974 Solvent production
US10150975 Methods and compositions for producing hydrocarbons
US10150976 Microorganisms and methods for enhancing the availability of reducing equivalents in the presence of methanol, and for producing adipate, 6-aminocaproate, hexamethylenediamine or caprolactam related thereto
US10150977 Microorganisms and methods for the biosynthesis of adipate, hexamethylenediamine and 6-aminocaproic acid
US10150978 Method of manufacturing cellulosic sugar from biomass through effective separation of impurities and sugar
US10150979 Purification of secreted polysaccharides from S. agalactiae
US10150980 Use of CO2 to deactivating a cellulolytic microorganism used in the biochemical conversion of lignocellulosic materials
US10150981 Method of determining an analyte concentration
US10150982 Microbial ecology shift assay
US10150983 Method for measuring indoxyl sulfuric acid
US10150984 Tyrosine kinase biosensors and methods of use
US10150985 Methods of depleting a target molecule from an initial collection of nucleic acids, and compositions and kits for practicing the same
US10150986 Biosensors comprising concatemeric nucleic acid molecules
US10150987 Labeled circular DNA molecules for analysis of DNA topology, and topoisomerases and for drug screening
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