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US10150988 Multiplexed in situ molecular analyses and programmable molecular probes for regulated single amplification
US10150989 Fibrosis susceptibility IL22RA2 gene and uses thereof
US10150991 Methods for beaming
US10150992 Substrates and methods useful in sequencing
US10150993 Macromolecule positioning by electrical potential
US10150994 Modular flow cells and methods of sequencing
US10150995 Transposition of native chromatin for personal epigenomics
US10150996 Quantification of adaptive immune cell genomes in a complex mixture of cells
US10150997 Genetic test for liver copper accumulation in dogs
US10150998 Genetic test
US10151000 Artificial synthetic cDNA and method for detecting secondary glioblastoma
US10151001 Quantification of Lamin C and Lamin A for tumor classification
US10151002 Method for the selection of a long-term producing cell
US10151004 Detection method for Mycobacterium avium spp. paratuberculosis
US10151005 Hide sorting systems and methods
US10151006 Method of detecting abnormality at blast furnace and method of operating blast furnace
US10151007 Method and device for supplying energy into a scrap metal pile in an electric arc furnace
US10151008 Localized hardening of metallic surfaces
US10151009 Method for producing a motor vehicle component, and a body component
US10151010 Soft nitrided induction hardened steel part
US10151011 High-strength stainless steel seamless tube or pipe for oil country tubular goods, and method of manufacturing the same
US10151012 High-strength stainless steel pipe
US10151013 Hot press forming parts having excellent bending properties and method for manufacturing the same
US10151014 Direct smelting process and apparatus
US10151015 Method for leaching precious metal contained in decopperized anode slime
US10151016 Process for extraction of copper from arsenical copper sulfide concentrate
US10151017 Method for extracting ultra high purity alumina from wasterwater
US10151018 Selective extraction of sedimentogenic strontium and barium in terrigenous clastic sediments
US10151020 Ferritic stainless steel foil
US10151021 Durable cosmetic finishes for titanium surfaces
US10151022 Mask assembly for testing a deposition process, deposition apparatus including the mask assembly, and testing method for a deposition process using the mask assembly
US10151023 Laterally adjustable return path magnet assembly and methods
US10151024 Method for producing transparent conductive film
US10151025 Helmholtz coil assisted PECVD carbon source
US10151026 Vibration assisted densification of a carbon fiber preform
US10151027 Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition methods for graphene deposition
US10151028 Film deposition apparatus
US10151029 Silicon nitride film forming method and silicon nitride film forming apparatus
US10151030 Protective layer for PECVD graphite boats
US10151031 Method for processing a substrate and substrate processing apparatus
US10151032 Protective covers
US10151033 Plasma chemical vapor deposition device
US10151034 Substrate processing method including supplying a fluorine-containing gas on a surface of a substrate
US10151035 Electroless metallization of through-holes and vias of substrates with tin-free ionic silver containing catalysts
US10151036 Bypass electrolysis system and method
US10151037 Electrochemical flow-cell for hydrogen production and nicotinamide dependent target reduction, and related methods and systems
US10151038 Electrolytic device and anode assembly intended for the production of aluminium, electrolytic cell and apparatus comprising such a device
US10151039 Systems and methods of protecting electrolysis cell sidewalls
US10151040 Hydrogen gas diffusion anode arrangement producing HCL
US10151041 Manufacturing method of metal mask and mask for deposition using said method
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