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US10151042 Coating forming device and coating forming method for forming metal coating
US10151043 Methods of producing coated locator pins and locator pins made therefrom
US10151045 Method for producing crystal
US10151046 Method for producing crystal of silicon carbide, and crystal production device
US10151047 Epitaxial growth apparatus and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
US10151048 Manufacturing method of epitaxial contact structure in semiconductor memory device
US10151049 Patterns of fluorescent seeded nanorods
US10151050 Nanofiber production apparatus
US10151051 Carbon fibers having improved strength and modulus and an associated method and apparatus for preparing same
US10151052 Yarn management device
US10151053 Process and apparatus for expanding multiple filament tow
US10151054 Spacer knit fabric and method for producing a spacer knit fabric section
US10151055 Fibers of polymer-wax compositions
US10151056 Sewing machine for sewing together a plurality of cloth pieces
US10151057 Tufted fabric with pile height differential
US10151058 Agitator assembly with scrub brush for a fabric treating appliance
US10151059 Clothes dryer
US10151060 Steam compression dryer
US10151061 Dryer appliances and methods of operation
US10151062 Disperse dye composition, disperse dye and preparation method and use thereof
US10151063 Cost efficient kraft cooking method using polysulfide cooking liquor
US10151064 Softwood kraft fiber having an improved α-cellulose content and its use in the production of chemical cellulose products
US10151065 Sanitary tissue products
US10151066 Rack change system, change carriage, and switch for a rack change system and rolling mill with a rolling block and a rack change system
US10151067 Hybrid continuous indexing tamper vehicle
US10151068 Hand-held tamper for underfilling ballast of a track
US10151069 Method for constructing continuously reinforced concrete pavement using foam shotcrete
US10151070 Device for inserting artificial grass strands into the ground
US10151071 Anti-slab height control system for a cold planer
US10151073 Snow removal device comprising a pushing element with convex end portions and a scraping flange
US10151074 Wave damping structures
US10151075 Concrete mounting systems, apparatuses, and methods for fences and other concrete mounted structures
US10151076 Apparatus for bi-directional load testing of driven piles and injection piles, and method thereof
US10151077 Apparatus and method for enhanced clamshell loader grading control
US10151078 Blade control below design
US10151079 Underwater pipeline burying apparatus and method
US10151080 Valve assembly for work attachment
US10151081 Work vehicle
US10151082 Excavation tooth assembly
US10151083 Honeycomb module and underground storage system
US10151084 Fluid treatment and disposal system and methods of use
US10151085 Apron sink
US10151086 Flexible drainage trap
US10151087 Water dispenser
US10151088 Device and method for concealing a flange of a waste water strainer
US10151089 Flush valve
US10151090 Flush actuator
US10151091 Toilet apparatus
US10151092 Flush toilet apparatus
US10151093 Portable dialysis drainage system and method
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