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US10151094 Flush toilet having a rim spout with a rim water passageway
US10151095 Flexible flange apparatus for connecting conduits and methods for connecting same
US10151097 Sewer line root cleaning and repair system
US10151098 Powerless back-flow prevention apparatus
US10151099 Underdrain assembly
US10151100 Frame systems for building structures
US10151101 Joining element and method of joining wood structures
US10151102 Base member for an anchor assembly and method of use
US10151103 Facade support system
US10151105 Acoustic panel
US10151106 Insulated concrete composite wall system
US10151107 Hinged building shrinkage compensation device
US10151108 System, apparatus and methods for precast architectural panel connections
US10151109 Building structure having a roof that is convertible between open and closed configurations
US10151110 System, method and apparatus for wall support of ceiling suspension grid
US10151111 Concrete block insulation
US10151112 Wall mounted receiver
US10151113 Rebar centralizer for use in a drilled shaft/bore hole
US10151114 Roof mount assembly
US10151115 System for, and method of cleaning rain gutters
US10151116 Awning canopy assembly
US10151117 Hanger for precast cladding panels, and precast panel incorporating same
US10151118 Tile leveller and spacing system
US10151119 Tool for making panel-to-panel connections for stay-in-place liners used to repair structures and methods for using same
US10151120 Sun shade canopy system
US10151122 Illuminating locks with multiple lights and touch-sensitive switch
US10151123 Lock arranged on suitcase capable of being opened or closed without using zipper, and travel suitcase
US10151124 Bowden cable
US10151125 Hatch cover lock
US10151126 Latch for a door of a motor vehicle
US10151127 Portable door lock
US10151128 Torque hinge
US10151129 Low-bulkiness hydraulic hinge
US10151130 Trigger and door track unit with the same
US10151131 Combination contact and non-contact sensing edge
US10151132 Power Management for vehicle door system
US10151133 Sliding-door assembly
US10151134 Method for opening a movable panel of the motor vehicle and corresponding opening control device
US10151135 Door with a door access system
US10151136 Methods and systems for opening of a vehicle access point using audio or video data associated with a user
US10151137 Insulated fiber reinforced door panel and method of making same
US10151138 Window frame and/or opening frame
US10151139 Voting multi-cart
US10151140 One-way driving mechanism for cordless window blind
US10151141 Insect killing door system
US10151142 Roll-up window covering having an adjustable lower element to facilitate cordless height adjustment
US10151143 Signal light assembly
US10151144 Ladder, wide rung and method
US10151145 Coring apparatus for rubber stator
US10151146 Drilling system with adaptive steering pad actuation
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