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US10151198 Tracer based flow measurement
US10151199 Automatic dust suppression system and method
US10151200 Ore removal production line, twin ramps and ground support installation method
US10151201 High-precision sensors for detecting a mechanical load of a mining tool of a tunnel boring machine
US10151202 Rib strap
US10151203 Mine stopping panel with end caps and louver connections
US10151204 Airfoil including loose damper
US10151205 Thermal shielding in a gas turbine
US10151206 Turbomachine, circulation structure and method
US10151207 High strength joints in ceramic matrix composite preforms
US10151208 Guide vane arrangement
US10151209 Sealing system made of ceramic fiber composite materials
US10151210 Endwall contouring for airfoil rows with varying airfoil geometries
US10151211 Apparatus and process for converting an aero gas turbine engine into an industrial gas turbine engine for electric power production
US10151212 Clapper arm retention device
US10151213 State observer for a steam generator of a thermal power plant
US10151214 Integral instrumentation in additively manufactured components of gas turbine engines
US10151215 High speed recorder for a gas turbine engine
US10151216 Insulation quality indicator module for a valve and actuator monitoring system
US10151217 Turbine frame cooling systems and methods of assembly for use in a gas turbine engine
US10151218 Gas turbine engine attachment structure and method therefor
US10151219 Gas turbine engine and frame
US10151220 System for thermoelectric energy generation using natural gas
US10151221 System and method for variable actuation of a valve of an internalcombustion engine, with an electrically operated control valve having an improved control
US10151222 Electric cam phasing system including an activatable lock
US10151223 Valve deactivating system for an engine
US10151224 Thermostat and component of an oil circuit
US10151225 Integrated oil separator assembly for crankcase ventilation
US10151226 Oil separator
US10151227 Nitrogen oxides (NOx) storage catalyst
US10151228 Ammonia slip detection
US10151229 Method for controlling an exhaust gas treatment system
US10151230 Housing, fluid stream treatment article, exhaust system and methods of manufacturing
US10151231 Manifold integrated intercooler with structural core
US10151232 Storage tank
US10151233 Method and system for maintaining an engine coolant level
US10151234 Outboard motor
US10151235 Ducted combustion system for an internal combustion engine
US10151236 Exhaust control valve controlling exhaust gas flow in a turbocharger system
US10151237 Turbocharger turbine stage valves controlled by a single actuator
US10151238 Internal combustion engine for saddle-ride type vehicle
US10151239 Explosion relief valve with annular flame arrestor
US10151240 Mid-turbine frame buffer system
US10151241 Sealing mechanism for a regenerative gas turbine combustor
US10151242 Oil cooling system
US10151243 Cooled cooling air taken directly from combustor dome
US10151244 Modular gas turbine plant with a heavy duty gas turbine
US10151245 Fixturing for thermal spray coating of gas turbine components
US10151246 Assistance device for a free-turbine engine of an aircraft having at least two free-turbine engines
US10151247 Heat exchanger suspension system with pipe-to-linkage spring rate ratio
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