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US10151249 Gas turbine architecture
US10151250 Method of operating a gas turbine assembly and the gas turbine assembly
US10151251 Method and controller for engine torque control in a vehicle during a default throttle condition
US10151252 Control valve for an exhaust system and an exhaust system having such a control valve
US10151253 Method and device for adapting a valve actuating variable for an intake and/or exhaust valve of an internal combustion engine
US10151254 Engine system with valve stop
US10151255 Control device for internal-combustion engine, and control method for internal-combustion engine
US10151256 Systems and methods to control cold transient response via air assist
US10151257 Systems and methods to reduce torsional conditions in an internal combustion engine
US10151258 Method and engine control device for identifying a longitudinal jerking of a motor vehicle
US10151259 Engine control device
US10151261 Stop control system for direct-injection type internal combustion engine
US10151262 Abnormality diagnosis system of air-fuel ratio sensors
US10151263 Intake system
US10151264 Remaining fuel amount warning device for motorcycle
US10151265 Methods and system for a hydrocarbon sensor rationality check
US10151266 Control system of internal combustion engine
US10151267 Method and device for operating a pressure reservoir, in particular for common rail injection systems in automobile engineering
US10151268 Method for manufacturing piston for internal combustion engine, and piston for internal combustion engine
US10151269 Mass efficient piston
US10151270 Engine cowling of a gas turbine with thrust-reversing device and cross-sectionally adjustable outlet nozzle
US10151271 Gas dynamic valve
US10151272 Fuel supply device and fuel supply method
US10151273 Methods and systems for evaporative emissions control
US10151274 Abnormality detection device for internal combustion engine
US10151275 Fuel vapor processing apparatus
US10151276 Exhaust heat recovery system
US10151277 High and low pressure EGR with a common valve housing
US10151278 System and method for a variable exhaust gas recirculation diffuser
US10151279 Apparatus for cooling vehicle engine
US10151280 EGR power module and method of use thereof
US10151281 Multi-physics fuel atomizer and methods
US10151282 Actuator for intake manifold
US10151283 Evacuator with motive fin
US10151284 Pressure regulator for a high-pressure rail of a fuel injection system
US10151285 Fuel injection device
US10151286 Clip for fuel injection valve and fuel injection valve unit
US10151287 Self-locking internal damper and fuel rail assembly
US10151288 Fuel supply device
US10151289 Vehicle remote start system with ignition switch wire learning and related methods
US10151290 Protecting an engine in automatic stop/start applications
US10151291 Internal combustion engine
US10151292 Control device with thermal fuse having removable pre-tension element
US10151293 Energy transfer arrangement of a wave energy recovery apparatus
US10151294 Buoyant housing device enabling large-scale power extraction from fluid current
US10151295 Tidal wave powered device and a method for producing potential energy
US10151296 Blade for a wind turbine and a method for manufacturing a blade for a wind turbine
US10151297 Methods for joining shear clips in wind turbine rotor blades
US10151298 System for dynamic pitch control
US10151299 Method for starting a wind turbine in a cold climate environment
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