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US10151352 Shaft retention apparatus
US10151353 Mechanical clutch with friction reducing interface
US10151354 Universal damper and interchangeable hub assembly
US10151355 Using phase change materials for temperature management in clutch assemblies, torque converter clutch assemblies, and brake assemblies
US10151356 Hydraulic engagement device
US10151357 Rotation transmission device
US10151358 Selectable one-way clutch
US10151359 Rotating multi-mode clutch module with stationary actuator
US10151360 Method for controlling clutch of vehicle
US10151361 Centrifugal brake mechanism
US10151362 Rapid ceramic matrix composite fabrication of aircraft brakes via field assisted sintering
US10151364 Activating a parking brake
US10151365 Electromechanically actuable expanding device for a drum brake
US10151366 Cooling system for multi-disc brake assembly
US10151367 Friction material
US10151368 Nested canted coil springs, applications thereof, and related methods
US10151369 Wire connector and piston assembly for damper including the same
US10151370 Electromagnetic actuator, active vibration-control device and active vibration-damping device
US10151371 Torque transmission apparatus
US10151372 Torque transmission apparatus
US10151373 Planetary damper architecture with centrifugal pendulum absorber
US10151374 Power transmission belt and belt transmission system
US10151375 Motorized gearbox mechanism
US10151376 Torque converter including turbine piston and multi-plate clutch assembly
US10151377 Systems and methods for implementing tailored metallic glass-based strain wave gears and strain wave gear components
US10151378 Sprocket assembly with adapter
US10151379 Torsional vibration dampers
US10151380 Transmission and manufacturing method of the same
US10151381 Power transfer device
US10151382 Planetary gear carrier assembly and related method of making
US10151383 Braze retention feature for a carrier assembly
US10151384 Shift lever apparatus and control method thereof
US10151385 Transmission device and method for transmitting an actuating angle of a selector lever for a shifting actuation for a vehicle transmission
US10151386 Control method for vehicle with DCT
US10151388 Method for controlling transmission for vehicle
US10151389 Method for controlling shift speed of continuous variable transmission
US10151390 Method and apparatus to control a continuously variable transmission
US10151391 Actuation device for a motor vehicle
US10151392 Vehicle
US10151393 Metal gasket material plate and method for manufacturing the same
US10151394 Leak patching system
US10151395 Flexible concrete hose shut-off valve
US10151396 Multi-purpose valve for vacuuming, de-vacuuming, gas injecting and pressure regulating
US10151397 Composite valve plugs and related methods
US10151398 Homogenizing valve for removing fibers from fibrous fluids
US10151399 Solenoid valve device and method for manufacturing the same
US10151400 Electromagnetic valve
US10151401 Oil control valve for supplying oil at end portion and assembly method thereof
US10151402 Pressure controlled and pressure control valve for an inflatable object
US10151403 Asymmetric torque magnetic valve actuator
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