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US10149577 Motorized body cleansing apparatus
US10149578 Paper towel dispensers
US10149579 Sheet product dispensers and related methods for automatically loading a roll of sheet product in a dispenser
US10149580 Tissue box with improved tissue dispensing
US10149581 Compound type polyurethane toilet seat and preparation process therof
US10149582 Automated toilet seat actuator and associated use thereof
US10149583 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for dispensing sheets of material
US10149584 Pneumatic tool
US10149585 Surface cleaning apparatus
US10149586 Dust collector and filtering device thereof
US10149587 Cyclone assembly for surface cleaning apparatus and a surface cleaning apparatus having same
US10149589 Sensing climb of obstacle of a robotic cleaning device
US10149590 Robot cleaner
US10149591 Cleaning mitt, cleaning kit, and cleaning method for protecting a user's hand during cleaning
US10149592 Swept brush assembly
US10149593 Spray arm assembly for dishwasher appliance
US10149594 Dishwasher and method for controlling same
US10149595 Utensil rack for a dishwasher
US10149596 Cutlery tray module for a dishwasher and dishwasher comprising at least one cutlery tray module
US10149597 Cutlery basket for a dishwasher
US10149598 Debris collection device
US10149599 Processing apparatus
US10149600 Medical signal processing device and medical observation system
US10149601 Method and apparatus for manipulating the side wall of a body lumen or body cavity so as to provide increased visualization of the same and/or increased access to the same, and/or for stabilizing instruments relative to the same
US10149602 Endobronchial tube with integrated image sensor and a cleaning nozzle arrangement
US10149603 Endoscope
US10149604 Endoscope having a biopsy needle with needle elevation mechanism
US10149605 Endoscope bending section control mechanism
US10149606 Optical unit and endoscope
US10149607 Steerable, follow the leader device
US10149608 Bending portion for endoscope and endoscope including bending portion for endoscope
US10149609 Signal processing device and endoscope system
US10149610 Methods and systems for automatic detection and classification of ocular inflammation
US10149611 Server and method for simulating correction of human visual acuity
US10149612 Ophthalmoscopes
US10149613 Wavefront interactive refraction display
US10149614 Pupilary screening system and method
US10149615 Fundus imaging apparatus that determines a state of alignment
US10149616 Wireless patient monitoring device
US10149617 Multiple sensors for monitoring health and wellness of an animal
US10149618 Subdural electrode localization and visualization using parcellated, manipulable cerebral mesh models
US10149619 Measurement probe and biological optical measurement system
US10149620 Methods and systems using LED sources to create contrast agents for mid-infrared imaging of blood vessels
US10149621 System and method for assessing treatment effects on obstructive sleep apnea
US10149622 System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information
US10149623 Pulse wave sensor device
US10149624 Method and device for measuring intracranial pressure, ICP, in a subject
US10149625 Patient signal analysis based on vector analysis
US10149626 Methods and systems for mapping and ablation of cardiac arrhythmias comprising atrial flutter
US10149627 Automatic determination and selection of filtering in a cardiac rhythm management device
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