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US10151516 Heat exchanger and air conditioner comprising the heat exchanger
US10151518 Refrigeration system with brushless DC motor compressor drive
US10151519 Devices and methods for making shaped clear ice
US10151520 Food and beverage cooler system
US10151521 Method for cooling a plant for superconductive cables
US10151522 Microchannel condenser and dual evaporator refrigeration system
US10151523 On-demand beverage cooler
US10151524 Refrigerator having a door
US10151525 Harvest bin assembly
US10151526 Storage assembly for an appliance
US10151527 Method and apparatus for the multi-modal accurate temperature measurement and representation of temperature-controlled stored goods
US10151528 Method of liquefying a contaminated hydrocarbon-containing gas stream
US10151529 Dynamic suspension drying (DSD) to control Ostwald Ripening
US10151530 Coal upgrade plant and method for manufacturing upgraded coal
US10151531 Dividing-wall rotary kiln apparatus
US10151532 Industrial tunnel ovens
US10151533 Device for transferring a metallurgical material
US10151535 Arrangement for feeding fine-grained matter to a concentrate or matte burner of a suspension smelting furnace
US10151536 Controlling evaporative cooling tower chemistry
US10151537 Heat exchanger unit
US10151538 Heat exchanger
US10151539 Self-contained flameless heat transfer fluid heating system
US10151541 Heat exchanger for vehicle
US10151542 Encapsulated phase change material heat sink and method
US10151543 Modular hydraulics
US10151544 Systems and components for improving firearm operation, as well as defensive systems and target acquisition
US10151545 Bi-sonic gas block for firearms
US10151546 Shotgun with magazine loading system
US10151547 Magazine ammunition loader
US10151549 Gun part with integral spare extractor
US10151550 Firearm single-shot bolt catch assembly and method of operation
US10151551 Gun device allowing replacement of barrels with different sizes
US10151552 Line-of-sight apparatus locking arrangement
US10151553 Piercing device for gas bottle, magazine and pistol comprising the same
US10151554 Trigger mechanism for toy blowgun
US10151555 Air cannon with sabot system
US10151556 Concealable firearm
US10151557 Side slide lock
US10151558 Hunter safety device and system for rifles and shotguns called never drop
US10151559 Method for securing two or more parts
US10151560 Apparatus for launching incendiary spheres
US10151561 Anti-cant indicator
US10151562 Sight system for projectile-launching devices
US10151563 Devices, systems and methods for sighting
US10151564 Electronic weapon accessory and detachable mount with integrated control apparatus
US10151565 Body armor utilizing superelastic spacer fabric, superelastic 3D knits and weaves and/or other superelastic 3D constructs so as to reduce behind armor blunt trauma (BABT)
US10151566 Bullet proof blinds
US10151567 Visual disruption network and system, method, and computer program product thereof
US10151568 Guided projectile and method of enabling guidance thereof
US10151569 Initiator having an explosive substance of a secondary explosive
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