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US10151571 Position measuring device and method for determining positions of a measurement object
US10151572 Optical sectioning apparatus using advanced optical interference microscopy
US10151573 Dual-homodyne laser interferometric nanometer displacement measuring apparatus and method based on phase modulation
US10151574 Precision surface measurement in a vacuum
US10151575 Position sensing device and position sensing method
US10151576 Confocally chromatic sensor for determining coordinates of a measurement object
US10151577 Elevator hoistway dimension measuring apparatus and measuring method therefor
US10151578 Thickness measurement device and thickness measurement method
US10151579 Array photoelectric sensor grating displacement detection system and method
US10151580 Methods of inspecting a 3D object using 2D image processing
US10151581 Method and device for determining the position and orientation of a specular surface forming a diopter
US10151582 Systems and methods for monitoring locomotive wheel size
US10151583 Method of measuring a 3D profile of an article
US10151584 Periodic patterns and technique to control misalignment between two layers
US10151585 Non-contact and optical measuring automation system for the surface roughness value of disk cams and method thereof
US10151586 Spirit level
US10151587 Method and device for determining navigation data
US10151588 Determining position and orientation for aerial vehicle in GNSS-denied situations
US10151589 Open water swim navigation apparatus and method
US10151590 Systems, methods, and apparatus to determine physical location and routing within a field of low power beacons
US10151591 Industrial vehicle with feature-based localization and navigation
US10151592 Map matching quality evaluation
US10151593 Travel time data processing apparatus, travel time data processing method and program
US10151594 Technology for generating alternate navigation directions for vehicles
US10151595 Predicting fuel consumption and time of arrival for a vehicle navigation system
US10151596 Caching map data for efficient vehicle range projection
US10151597 Route search apparatus and route search method
US10151598 Method and device for operating a vehicle and driver assistance system
US10151600 Systems and methods for controlling viewport movement in view of user context
US10151601 Method and system for guiding route using smart signages
US10151602 Electronic device and method for calibrating gyro sensor thereof
US10151603 Explosion-proof housing for a sensor
US10151604 High speed sensing system
US10151605 Rotation angle detection device and rotation angle detection method
US10151606 Tracking position and movement using a magnetic field
US10151607 Shield devices, systems, and methods for improved measurements and detection
US10151608 System and method for reducing noise in a sensor system
US10151609 Magnetic inductive flow measurement device and method with reduced electrochemical interference voltage
US10151610 Flow rate measurement device and flow rate measurement method
US10151611 Hydraulic system for ultrasonic flow measurement using reflective acoustic path approach
US10151612 Flow sensor package
US10151613 Vibratory flow meter and method to generate digital frequency outputs
US10151614 Self-filling graduated cylinder system
US10151615 Liquid level sensor, method for controlling the same and reactor with the same
US10151616 Flowable material level sensing with shaped electrodes
US10151617 Method and device for monitoring an oil level in a machine
US10151618 Ultrasonic liquid level sensing systems
US10151619 Method and apparatus for testing liquid flowmeter
US10151620 System for weighing individual micro- and nano-sized particles
US10151621 Dispensing assembly with continuous loss of weight feed control
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