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US10151622 Combination weighing device for weighing articles conveyed to a hopper
US10151623 Thin weight scale
US10151624 Combination scale
US10151625 Inspection system for turbine rotors
US10151626 Fibre optic distributed sensing
US10151627 Method and system for performing testing of photonic devices
US10151628 Method for checking the functionality of a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle
US10151629 Spectral imaging sensors and methods with time of flight sensing
US10151630 Analyte system and method for determining hemoglobin parameters in whole blood
US10151631 Spectroscopy with tailored spectral sampling
US10151632 Simultaneous overlapping order spectral imager and method
US10151633 High accuracy absorbance spectrophotometers
US10151634 Multi-spectral polarimetric variable optical device and imager
US10151635 Real time correction of optical window thermal gradients
US10151637 Film forming apparatus and thermometry method
US10151638 Bolometer, method of fabricating the same, and bolometric method
US10151640 Light beam measurement device, laser apparatus, and light beam separator
US10151641 Total air temperature probes for reducing deicing heater error
US10151642 System and method for providing magnetic resonance temperature measurement for radiative heating applications
US10151643 Thermal event indicator for aircraft engine
US10151644 Combination current generator configured to selectively generate one of a PTAT and a CTAT current
US10151645 Arrangement and method for the synchronous determination of the shear modulus and of the Poisson's number on samples of elastically isotropic and anisotropic materials
US10151646 Force sensor using displacement amplification mechanism and apparatus having the same for measuring weight
US10151647 Integrated SOI pressure sensor having silicon stress isolation member
US10151648 Footwear having sensor system
US10151649 Printed stretchable strain sensor
US10151650 Torque measurement assemblies
US10151651 Hollow machine element and assembly for measuring a force or a torque
US10151652 Apparatus for determining external stray magnetic fields on a magnetic field sensor
US10151653 System for reproducing a dry friction torque applied to an actuator of a valve located in a hydraulic line of an engine of a spacecraft including an electrical actuator controlling orthogonal forces of plates on a disc to apply resistive torque to a shaft of the actuator
US10151654 Guide carriage with a sensory layer on the raceway insert
US10151655 Pressure sensor containing mechanically deforming elements
US10151656 Pressure sensor configured to detect pressure of fluid to be measured that embrittles material
US10151657 Diaphragm pressure gauge with monitoring function
US10151658 Pressure-sensing integrated circuit device with diaphragm
US10151659 Cylinder internal pressure sensor
US10151660 Balance opposition comparator
US10151661 System for monitoring the weight and center of gravity of a vehicle
US10151662 Method and apparatus for assessing treatment effectiveness of tooth sensitivity with an oral care product
US10151663 Leak detector sensor systems using tag-sensitized refrigerants
US10151664 Method and system for measuring lens distortion
US10151665 Lens meter
US10151666 Torque command generation device
US10151667 Method for monitoring deformation of a rotating element via a monitoring device employing optical fibre, and wind turbine equipped with such a device
US10151668 Systems and methods for detecting engine vibration
US10151669 Sampler and sampling method for molten material
US10151670 CVS system sample water vapor management
US10151671 Sampling device and gas curtain guide
US10151672 Device and a method for managing a sample to be analyzed and a solid sample carrier and liquid sample carrier
US10151673 Treatment device for treating histological or cytological samples
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