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US10151674 Oil-based mud drill cutting cleaning for infrared spectroscopy
US10151675 Method and device for increasing the optical transparency of regions of a tissue sample
US10151676 Refrigerator with fermented beverage rancidity sensor and control method thereof
US10151677 Real-time optical flow imaging to determine particle size distribution
US10151678 Evaluating solid particle separation in wellbore fluids
US10151679 Enhanced aerosol test for assessing filter integrity
US10151680 Nanoparticles for self referencing calibration
US10151681 Optofluidic flow meter
US10151682 Airborne particle measuring device
US10151683 Corrosion sensor using electrical continuity
US10151684 Handle tribometer
US10151685 Ultraviolet-based gas sensor
US10151686 Flow cells for differential refractive index detection
US10151687 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for fluid analysis and monitoring
US10151688 Methodology for the identification of materials through methods of comparison of the spectrum of a sample against a reference library of spectra of materials
US10151689 Method for identifying and characterizing polylysine compounds
US10151690 Gas inlet system for isotope ratio spectrometer
US10151691 Gas sensor kit and gas measurement system
US10151692 Method for dispensing a product from a container
US10151693 Photoelectric smoke sensor
US10151695 Optical assurance cap
US10151696 Method for determining abnormality in particle analyzer and particle analyzer
US10151697 Two-color fluorescence localization super-resolution biological microscopy method and system
US10151698 Selection by compartmentalized screening
US10151700 Method for the detection of analytes via luminescence quenching
US10151701 Spectrally resolved super-resolution microscopy and ultrahigh-throughput single-molecule spectroscopy
US10151702 Nanofiber spectral analysis
US10151703 Method and device for imaging 1-D nanomaterials
US10151704 Device for single molecule detection
US10151705 Method of generating a compensation matrix during a substrate inspection
US10151706 Inspection for specimens with extensive die to die process variation
US10151707 Method for the spectral analysis of samples by means of a graphite tube
US10151708 Erosion detector for an exterior aircraft lighting device and exterior aircraft lighting device comprising the same
US10151709 Device and method for evaluation of a material
US10151710 Portable industrial radiography apparatus
US10151711 Method and apparatus for generating X-ray inspection image of electronic circuit board
US10151712 Vehicle-carried quick inspection system
US10151713 X-ray reflectometry apparatus for samples with a miniscule measurement area and a thickness in nanometers and method thereof
US10151715 Nano-level evaluation of kerogen-rich reservoir rock
US10151716 System and method for internal inspection of rail components
US10151717 Lubricant analysis using X-ray fluorescence
US10151718 Quantitative analysis device for trace carbon and quantitative analysis method for trace carbon
US10151720 Interfacial nanofibril composite for selective alkane vapor detection
US10151721 Whole blood measurement method associated to hematocrit (HCT) and whole blood measurement circuit thereof
US10151723 Particulate matter sensor and measurement method thereof
US10151724 Systems and methods of discriminating between a control sample and a test fluid using capacitance
US10151725 Sensor system and device
US10151726 Bioimaging nucleic acids, proteins and enzymes
US10151727 Automatic localized substrate analysis device and analysis method
US10151728 Method for operating a resonance-measuring system and respective resonance system
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