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US10151729 Apparatus and method for detection of imperfections by detecting changes in flux of a magnetized body
US10151730 Method and apparatus for determining a concentration of a constituent of a fluid mixture in a fluid chamber
US10151731 Ultrasonic system for nondestructive testing
US10151732 Sealed micro gas chromatography columns and methods thereof
US10151733 Catalytic oxidation of polar modifiers in chromatographic mobile phases
US10151734 Data processing system and method for chromatograph
US10151735 Solid contents verification systems and methods
US10151736 Process for the detection and adsorption of arsenic
US10151737 Method for permeability prediction of shale gas
US10151738 Methods and apparatus for the downhole analysis of the composition of formation gases
US10151739 Method and system for evaluation of engine condition
US10151740 Contact structure body electrical measuring device for biological samples
US10151741 Radio-frequency nanopore sensor
US10151742 Device and method for measuring physical properties of a material
US10151743 Rapid small volume detection of blood ammonia
US10151744 Highly accurate breath test system
US10151745 Methods for determining the risk of acute graft versus host disease
US10151746 Sample analyzer and computer program product
US10151747 Immunochromatographic test strip and detection method using immunochromatography for detecting object in red blood cell-containing sample
US10151748 Devices and methods for determining molecular structure
US10151749 Method and kit for the detection of microorganisms
US10151750 Magnetic and/or electric label assisted detection system and method
US10151751 Method for detecting Staphylococcus contained in milk
US10151752 Antibody to cytolethal distending toxin of Campylobacter jejuni
US10151753 Microfluidic devices for isolating particles
US10151754 Cell surface prostate cancer antigen for diagnosis
US10151755 Method for biomarker and drug-target discovery for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as biomarker assays determined therewith
US10151756 Predictive markers for polyamine inhibitor cancer therapies
US10151757 Achromatic colorimetric sensor using nano particles
US10151758 Methods for top-down multiplexed mass spectral analysis of mixtures of proteins or polypeptides
US10151760 Method for validating existence of urinary exosome, non-invasive method for identifying urothelial cancer, and method for predicting recurrence and progression of urothelial cancer patient after treatment
US10151761 Diagnostic method for diagnosing depression and monitoring therapy effectiveness
US10151762 Bacteriophage gene 3 protein compositions and use as amyloid binding agents
US10151763 Treatment and differential diagnosis of Cushing's disease and ectopic Cushing's syndrome
US10151764 Compositions and methods for purification and detection of HDL and ApoA1
US10151765 System for processing closed sample tubes
US10151766 Automatic analyzer
US10151767 Laser strobe tachometer
US10151768 Method and apparatus for the accurate linear speed measurement of trains
US10151769 Measuring device and unit having such a measuring device
US10151770 Method for constant tension and slippage setting on a reel using accelerometers to detect rotational direction
US10151771 Physical quantity sensor having a frame-shaped movable mass, electronic device, and mobile body
US10151772 Hot wire anemometer
US10151773 Scanning probe microscope and probe contact detection method
US10151774 Electrical contact having electrical isolated members for contacting an electrical component
US10151775 High-planarity probe card for a testing apparatus for electronic devices
US10151776 Method and device for monitoring and measuring a current on a magnetically biased choke
US10151777 Methods and systems for accuracy improvement in current comparators
US10151778 Voltage sensor housing and assembly including the same
US10151779 Measuring resistor and corresponding measuring method
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