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US10151780 Method and testing apparatus for on-site monitoring of performance of energy devices
US10151781 Spectral response synthesis on trace data
US10151782 Distributed smart grid processing
US10151783 Antenna measuring station
US10151784 Trailer lighting outage detection circuit
US10151785 Probe heater remaining useful life determination
US10151786 Estimating leakage currents based on rates of temperature overages or power overages
US10151787 Audible ground fault buzzer circuit
US10151788 Autonomously powered inductively coupled time domain reflectometer sensor device
US10151789 Method and device for testing the connections of batteries
US10151790 Insulation fault locating system using branch-selective feeding, and selective insulation fault monitoring system and method for determining a cross-connection impedance between two subsystems
US10151791 Automated waveform analysis methods using a parallel automated development system
US10151792 Manufacturing method and program of semiconductor device
US10151793 Electronics tester with double-spiral thermal control passage in a thermal chuck
US10151794 Sleek serial interface for a wrapper boundary register (device and method)
US10151795 Double data rate circuitry coupled to test access mechanisms, controller
US10151796 Semiconductor apparatus and diagnostic test method
US10151797 Logic built-in self-test (LBIST) with pipeline scan enable launch on shift (LOS) flip-flop circuit
US10151798 Circuit breaker accessory data collector and related methods and computer program products
US10151799 Detection of bending effects in the case of electric drives
US10151800 Supply-voltage-fluctuation detecting apparatus and processing system
US10151801 Method and system for monitoring the status of battery cells
US10151802 Reusable battery indicator with electrical lock and key
US10151803 Electrical power diagnostic system and methods
US10151804 Power monitoring system
US10151805 Method for calibration of magnetic sensor
US10151806 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a magnetic sensor device, and corresponding magnetic sensor device
US10151807 Magnetic field sensing apparatus with anisotropic magneto-resistive resistors and detection method thereof
US10151808 Multi-detecting depth nuclear magnetic resonance logging tool and probe, and antenna excitation method
US10151809 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and operating method
US10151810 Pivoting multi-directional X-ray imaging system with a pair of diametrically opposite vertical support columns tandemly movable along a stationary base support
US10151811 Method for producing an MR image and correspondingly designed magnetic resonance scanner
US10151812 Magnetic resonance method and apparatus using the same MR signals for determining various parameters
US10151813 Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for operation thereof with actively controllable radio-frequency coil profiles
US10151814 Apparatus and method for improving balanced steady-state free precision in magnetic resonance imaging
US10151815 Multi-echo PRESTO
US10151816 Method of designing and generating pulses for magnetic resonance imaging
US10151817 Flowmeter with a measuring device implementing a tomographic measuring principle
US10151818 Magnetic resonance angiography method and apparatus
US10151819 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of scanning blood vessel
US10151820 Apparatus and method for mapping and measurement of spatially and temporally distributed induced small phase deviations in magnetic resonance utilizing deconvolution
US10151821 System calibration in an MR system
US10151822 Tester
US10151823 Method for passive approximate localization using frequency modulation and software defined radio
US10151824 Compressing radio maps
US10151825 Radar detection system
US10151826 Radar employing preacquisition ramps
US10151827 Laser phase estimation and correction
US10151828 Sensor system
US10151829 Systems and associated methods for producing sonar image overlay
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