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US10151830 Systems and methods for detecting objects proximate to a machine utilizing a learned process
US10151831 Golf ball spin axis measurement
US10151832 Method for determining the distance and relative speed of a remote object
US10151833 Accelerator engine, corresponding apparatus and method, for instance for anti-collision systems for motor vehicles
US10151834 Weather data de-conflicting and correction system
US10151835 Distance measurement system and solid-state imaging sensor used therefor
US10151836 LIDAR with enhanced utilization of a remotely located mirror
US10151837 Optoelectronic sensor
US10151838 Imaging sensor with shared pixel readout circuitry
US10151839 Systems and methods for determining crop yields with high resolution geo-referenced sensors
US10151840 Measuring system, measuring process, and non-transitory recording medium
US10151841 Assisted GPS
US10151842 Golf GPS device with approximate hole cup location selection
US10151843 Systems and methods of tracking position and speed in GNSS applications
US10151844 Local indoor positioning and navigation by detection of arbitrary signals
US10151845 Configurable analog-to-digital converter and processing for photon counting
US10151846 Seismic modeling system providing seismic survey data frequency domain inpainting and related methods
US10151847 Marine surveys conducted with multiple source arrays
US10151848 Helical conveyor for underwater seismic exploration
US10151849 Well placement using closure stress based landing map
US10151850 Buried service detection
US10151851 Magnetic induction based localization for wireless sensor networks in underground oil reservoirs
US10151852 Multi-azimuth nuclear magnetic resonance logging instrument and antenna excitation method
US10151853 Apparatus for inspecting robot hands
US10151854 Process for assembly of multimode hydrophone ceramic stack
US10151856 Simulating a subterranean region using a finite element mesh and a boundary element mesh
US10151857 Downhole interpretation techniques using borehole dips
US10151858 Device including halide perovskite structure, methods of forming and operating the same
US10151859 Camera module and manufacturing method for same
US10151860 Sun-facing light redirecting films with reduced glare
US10151861 Coated glass article and display assembly made therewith
US10151862 Color filter array having low density of blue color
US10151863 Optical grating
US10151864 Optical film, illumination device, and image display device
US10151865 Compact external grating PBS/PBC coupler
US10151866 Optical incoupling for touch-sensitive systems
US10151867 Method for fabricating light conversion member and display device including the light conversion member
US10151868 Backlight module and display device
US10151869 Optical member and lighting device using the same
US10151871 Ultra-thin LED bar lights
US10151872 Light mixing systems with a glass light pipe
US10151873 Single mode optical fiber with ultra-low attenuation and bend insensibility
US10151874 Wavelength division multiplexer
US10151875 Ultra-high resolution scanning fiber display
US10151876 Light collecting device
US10151877 Optical circuit module, optical transceiver using the same, and semiconductor photonic device
US10151878 Optical interconnection substrate including optical transmitter with light source and mark or optical receiver with light receiving unit and mark
US10151879 Photonic device for ultraviolet and visible wavelength range
US10151880 Optical light guide element and a method for manufacturing
US10151881 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
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