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US10151882 Optical beam expanding module and connector
US10151883 Optical coupling device and method
US10151884 Apparatus for and method of terminating a multi-fiber ferrule
US10151885 Optical connector apparatus
US10151887 Hardened fiber optic connectors having a mechanical splice connector assembly
US10151888 Optical waveguide structure
US10151889 Optical connector and branch structure of wire harness
US10151890 Data communication port insert configurable with indicia to customize data communication station labeling and identification
US10151891 Optical transceiver
US10151892 Method to bond two surfaces with precured epoxy and optical subassembly including the same
US10151893 Optical module
US10151894 Method and system for optical power monitoring of a light source assembly coupled to a silicon photonically-enabled integrated circuit
US10151895 System and method of transmitting electricity through an insulated environment
US10151896 Telecommunications connection cabinet
US10151897 Fiber indexing systems
US10151898 Former, optical fiber unit manufacturing method and optical cable manufacturing method
US10151899 Flat drop cable with features for enhancing stripability
US10151900 Plastic barrel, imaging lens module and electronic device
US10151901 Camera optical lens
US10151902 Camera optical lens
US10151903 Telephoto lens
US10151904 Optical imaging device
US10151905 Image capture system and imaging optical system
US10151906 Imaging optical system, projection-type display apparatus, and imaging apparatus
US10151907 Full-color three-dimennsional optical sectioning microscopic imaging system and method based on structured illumination
US10151908 Image acquisition device and image acquisition method
US10151909 Surgical microscope and method for highlighting eye lens pieces
US10151910 Image analysis using microscope optical system
US10151911 Microscope system and method for estimating microscope magnification
US10151912 Galaxy tracker smart telescope
US10151913 Endoscope with distance measurement function and distance measurement method used in same
US10151914 Optical scanning observation apparatus
US10151915 Illumination arrangement, beam combination device and method for coupling at least three input light beams into an optical waveguide
US10151916 Optical scanning observation apparatus
US10151917 Device for homogenizing laser light using a rotating lens field
US10151918 Scanner, scanning illuminator, and scanning observation apparatus
US10151919 Lens device
US10151920 Hermetic seal and a method of assembling
US10151921 Optical design using freeform tailoring
US10151922 Wavefront correction element for use in an optical system
US10151923 Portable heads-up display
US10151924 Holographic reflective slim virtual/augmented reality display system and method
US10151925 Head-mounted display apparatus and associated internal display and display method
US10151926 Systems, devices, and methods for preventing eyebox degradation in a wearable heads-up display
US10151927 Virtual reality and augmented reality head set for ride vehicle
US10151929 Illumination optical unit for projection lithography and hollow waveguide component therefor
US10151930 Stereoscopic image display device having a barrier cell
US10151931 Advanced retroreflecting aerial displays
US10151932 Stereoscopic three dimensional projection system using elliptical polarization
US10151933 Apparatus and optical system including an optical element
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