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US10151934 Lens barrel capable of accurately positioning and fixing magnetic sensor, image pickup apparatus, and image blur correction device
US10151935 Truncated translating contact lens with optimized performance and method of design
US10151936 Contact lens packaging solutions
US10151937 Digital eyewear
US10151938 Display device
US10151939 Athermal optical filter with active tuning and simplified control
US10151940 Opto-electronic modulator utilizing one or more heating elements
US10151941 Optical modulation element, optical modulator, and manufacturing method of optical modulation element
US10151942 Display device
US10151943 Irregular shape display device having hole
US10151944 Laminated film, electron element, printed circuit board and display device
US10151945 Transparent display device
US10151946 Apparatus with visible and infrared light emitting display
US10151947 In-cell touch liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
US10151948 Display apparatus
US10151949 Backlight unit comprising bent curve-shaped back plate, and curved display device using the same
US10151950 Light source device with color conversion member, supporting member and light suppressing member
US10151951 Liquid crystal material, liquid crystal display panel and manufacture method of liquid crystal display panel
US10151952 Display device and electronic apparatus
US10151953 In-plane switching display having protrusion electrodes with metal enhanced adhesion
US10151954 Fabricating method of array substrate, array substrate and liquid crystal display panel
US10151955 Controlled polymeric material conductivity for use in a two-phase electrode layer
US10151956 Transparent conductive film and liquid crystal display (LCD) comprising the same
US10151957 Array substrate and liquid crystal display panel
US10151958 Electrochromic element
US10151959 FPC-attached optical modulator and optical transmission device using the same
US10151960 Backlight assembly with tunable grating layer for local dimming
US10151961 Switchable bragg gratings for chromatic error correction of pancharatnam berry phase (PBP) components
US10151962 Variable focal length lens system with focus monitoring and control
US10151963 Photonic crystal all-optical d-type flip-flop
US10151964 Ocular lens and imaging apparatus
US10151965 Motor, gimbal, and unmanned aerial vehicle
US10151967 Electronic stabilizing system for a camera
US10151968 Multi-camera mount
US10151970 Aerial panoramic oblique photography apparatus
US10151971 System for and method of seeding an optical proximity correction (OPC) process
US10151972 Manufacturing method of photomask and recording medium
US10151973 Imprint lithography method, method for manufacturing master template using the method and master template manufactured by the method
US10151974 Electrooptical apparatus, production method for the electrooptical apparatus, and electronic appliance
US10151975 Lithographic printing plate precursor
US10151976 Solder resist composition, and covered-printed wiring board
US10151977 Resin composition, resin film, and electronic device
US10151978 Methods and apparatuses for directed self-assembly
US10151980 Method for fine line manufacturing
US10151982 Illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus with a birefringent element
US10151983 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
US10151984 Lithographic apparatus and a method of operating the apparatus
US10151985 Process flagging and cluster detection without requiring reconstruction
US10151986 Signal response metrology based on measurements of proxy structures
US10151988 Component for a lithography tool, a lithography apparatus, an inspection tool and a method of manufacturing a device
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