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US10151989 Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
US10151990 Toner
US10151991 Toner, toner stored unit, and image forming apparatus
US10151992 Toner particle, electrophotographic toner, developing agent, toner cartridge and image forming apparatus, and manufacture method of toner particle
US10151993 Cleaning member, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
US10151994 Image forming apparatus
US10151995 Image forming apparatus with adjustable mirror for reflecting optical scanning beam
US10151996 Image forming apparatus
US10151997 Image forming apparatus
US10151998 Developing cartridge having electrode
US10152000 Developing device
US10152001 Image forming apparatus
US10152002 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
US10152003 Image forming apparatus
US10152004 Cleaning apparatus and image formation apparatus
US10152005 Fixing device and image forming apparatus
US10152006 Fixing device and image forming apparatus
US10152007 Fixing member, fixing device having fixing member, and method of manufacturing fixing member having overlapping heat generating strips
US10152008 Image forming apparatus
US10152010 Signal transmitting apparatus and image forming apparatus
US10152011 Image forming system including punching unit
US10152012 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
US10152013 Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
US10152014 Cleaning apparatus, image forming apparatus and cleaning method
US10152015 Open/close member, holding device and image forming apparatus
US10152016 Image forming apparatus
US10152017 Developing cartridge
US10152018 Image forming apparatus having developing cartridge movable relative to photosensitive drum
US10152019 Image forming apparatus having mountable and demountable photosensitive member cartridge and developing cartridge
US10152021 Cartridge that reduces contact with photosensitive member
US10152022 Cartridge top cover and cartridge having the same
US10152023 Image forming apparatus
US10152024 Setting crown for timepieces
US10152025 High quality factor resonator for mechanical watches
US10152026 Shock detector circuit
US10152027 Smart watches and associated systems and methods for lock-screen management thereof
US10152028 Wristwatch type smart terminal
US10152029 Method for managing operations on an electronic device
US10152030 Safety relay configuration system with safety monitoring and safety output function blocks
US10152031 Generating checklists in a process control environment
US10152032 System and method for controlling and monitoring environmental conditions in a building using an integrated rack
US10152033 Proportional integral derivative control incorporating multiple actuators
US10152034 Robot control method for processing a workpiece on a processing line
US10152035 Value added pest control system with smart learning
US10152036 Adaptive mixed integer nonlinear programming for process management
US10152037 System and method for feedback error learning in non-linear systems
US10152038 Control system and control method for electrically operated device
US10152039 Method and apparatus for the display of multiple errors on a human-machine interface
US10152040 Methods and systems for remotely operating a machine tool by means of a mobile communication device
US10152041 Method and apparatus for enabling model driven navigation
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