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US10149628 Signal processing method and apparatus
US10149629 Measuring system for a probe
US10149630 Ferrofluid droplets as in situ mechanical actuators and rheometers in soft materials and biological matter
US10149631 Structural health monitoring sensory system integrated to a self-adapting morphing system
US10149632 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and imaging planning method
US10149633 Monitoring and treatment of multiple sclerosis
US10149634 Mobile device and case functionally and physically coupled to the mobile device
US10149635 Ingestible devices and methods for physiological status monitoring
US10149636 Relay device for relaying radio frequency signals received from an antenna implanted within a patient's body to another device
US10149637 Methods and systems for sizing an orthotic device
US10149638 Method and apparatus for body impact protection
US10149640 Measuring oxygen levels in an implant, and implants having incorporated oxygen sensing
US10149641 Systems, methods, and devices for reducing the pain of glucose monitoring and diabetes treatment
US10149642 Bodily fluid-component analyzing apparatus
US10149643 Control device, diagnosis supporting device, control method and a non-transitory storage medium that stores control program
US10149644 Curcumin derivatives for amyloid-β plaque imaging
US10149646 System and method for objectively evaluating shoulder joint stability
US10149647 Weaning readiness indicator, sleeping status recording device, and air providing system applying nonlinear time-frequency analysis
US10149648 Method and apparatus for monitoring medication adherence
US10149649 Method for identifying exercise path, method for searching for exercise path, and system thereof
US10149650 Detecting and avoiding blood vessels
US10149651 Systems and methods for obtaining rheological properties of viscoelastic materials
US10149652 Endoscope system for diagnosis support and method for controlling same
US10149653 Secure patient data recorder for recording monitored vital sign data
US10149654 X-ray reduction system
US10149655 Photon counting imaging apparatus and X-ray detection apparatus
US10149656 Radiographic image capturing system
US10149657 On-line energy coincidence method and system for all-digital PET system
US10149658 Dynamic analysis system and analysis device
US10149659 Hand-held X-ray sensor with gesture-activated wake function
US10149660 Ultrasound endoscope and methods of manufacture thereof
US10149661 Probe cover, ultrasonic probe, and ultrasonic image display apparatus
US10149663 Ultrasound imaging
US10149664 Large sample low aspect ratio biopsy needle
US10149665 Accessory device for EUS-FNA needle for guidewire passage
US10149666 Frictional tissue sampling and collection method and device
US10149667 Exocervical and endocervical cell sampling device
US10149668 Device for in vivo sampling of biological species
US10149669 Percutaneous catheter directed intravascular occlusion devices
US10149670 Apparatus and methods for sealing a vascular puncture
US10149671 Retractor with modular handles
US10149672 Devices and methods for stabilizing tissue
US10149673 Facet joint implants and delivery tools
US10149674 Orthopedic surgical system including surgical access systems, distraction systems, and methods of using same
US10149675 Apparatus and method for repairing tissue
US10149676 Implants, methods of manufacturing the same, and devices and methods for delivering the implants to a vascular disorder of a patient
US10149677 Vessel access and closure device
US10149678 Suturing instrument with elastomeric cleat
US10149679 Surgical instrument comprising drive systems
US10149681 Devices and methods for securing tissue
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