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US10152042 Servomotor control device, and servomotor control system
US10152043 Robot system
US10152044 Control device for machine tool
US10152045 Automatic programming device and method therefor
US10152046 Automatic machining force optimizing system and method for NC program
US10152047 Method for assigning components of an industrial plant to a navigation tree, method for the parameterization and/or start-up of components of an industrial plant, assignment apparatus and parameterization and/or start-up apparatus
US10152048 Control system and method for remote control of hardware components
US10152049 Glucose sensor health monitoring and related methods and systems
US10152050 Apparatus and method for simulating a failure response in an electromechanical actuator
US10152051 Human-machine interface (HMI) system having elements with aggregated alarms
US10152052 Portable single-handed remote control system for unmanned aerial vehicle
US10152053 Passenger classification-based autonomous vehicle routing
US10152054 Receiving method, system and device for on-vehicle logistics
US10152055 Drone, method for controlling flight of the same, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing program
US10152056 Method for selecting an optimized trajectory
US10152057 Autonomous mobile device, autonomous movement method, and recording medium storing program
US10152058 Vehicle virtual map
US10152059 Systems and methods for landing a drone on a moving base
US10152060 Protecting contents of a smart vault being transported by a self-driving vehicle
US10152061 Drive assist apparatus
US10152062 Coverage robot navigating
US10152065 Valve
US10152066 Water storage tank and method for controlling full water level thereof
US10152067 Programmable thermostat
US10152068 Electrical ballast and driving method thereof
US10152069 System and method for controlling a voltage unbalance in a low-voltage direct current distribution system
US10152070 Analog block implemented with band-gap reference scheme and related driving method
US10152071 Charge injection for ultra-fast voltage control in voltage regulators
US10152072 Flip voltage follower low dropout regulator
US10152073 Power distribution management apparatus and abnormality detection method
US10152074 Energy management using a wearable device
US10152075 Information equipment, control system and control method
US10152076 System and method for aggregation of controllable distributed energy assets
US10152077 Voltage generating circuit and pre-driving signal generating module
US10152078 Semiconductor device having voltage generation circuit
US10152079 Circuit arrangement for the generation of a bandgap reference voltage
US10152080 Power efficient multimedia content streaming based on media segment duration
US10152081 Portable computer unified top case
US10152082 Systems, articles and methods for wearable electronic devices that accommodate different user forms
US10152083 Head mounted electronic device and head mounted electronic device cushion
US10152084 Electronic device
US10152085 Housing for display device and display device
US10152086 Foldable display apparatus
US10152087 Flexible display device
US10152088 Mobile terminal and control method therefor
US10152089 Foldable device
US10152090 Operating mode distinguishing method, touch point locating method and touch control circuit
US10152091 Form factor compatible laptop PC raid array
US10152092 Electronic device
US10152094 Hinge assembly
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