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US10152095 Electronic device and hinge assembly thereof
US10152096 Cooling liquid distribution device
US10152097 Heat-dissipating device for expansion card and expansion card assembly with heat-dissipating function
US10152098 Dynamic heat conducting path for portable electronic device
US10152099 Skin material design to reduce touch temperature
US10152100 Retractable heat exchanger
US10152101 Controlling voltage deviations in processing systems
US10152102 Method and apparatus for managing global chip power on a multicore system on chip
US10152104 Policy engine startup procedure for a default provider in USB power delivery
US10152105 Common controller operating multiple storage drives
US10152106 Power excursion tolerant power system
US10152108 Mobile apparatus and power feed control method for mobile apparatus
US10152109 Information processing apparatus, control method for the same, and storage medium
US10152110 Clock frequency determining method and device for router card
US10152111 Low power timing, configuring, and scheduling
US10152112 Power manager with a power switch arbitrator
US10152113 Dynamic power-down of a block of a pattern-recognition processor
US10152114 Memory module monitoring memory operation and power management method thereof
US10152115 Generating position information employing an imager
US10152117 Context dependent reactions derived from observed human responses
US10152118 Emotion-based experience freedback
US10152119 Head-mounted display apparatus and calibration method thereof
US10152120 Information provision device and information provision method
US10152121 Eye tracking through illumination by head-mounted displays
US10152122 Foveated rendering
US10152123 Method and system for detecting objects of interest
US10152125 Haptically enabled flexible devices
US10152127 Apparatus and method for controlling vibration transfer between vibration devices
US10152128 System and method for ordering haptic effects
US10152129 Electronic device, method and computer program product for providing vibratory feedback
US10152130 Touch apparatus
US10152131 Systems and methods for multi-pressure interaction on touch-sensitive surfaces
US10152132 Method and apparatus for enabling heavy floating touchscreen haptics assembles and passive braking system
US10152133 Apparatus and method for providing image
US10152134 User interface device responsive to data tag associated with physical location
US10152135 User interface responsive to operator position and gestures
US10152136 Velocity field interaction for free space gesture interface and control
US10152137 Using natural movements of a hand-held device to manipulate digital content
US10152138 Input system, keyboard device and locking method
US10152140 Styleable custom button repeat
US10152141 Controller movement tracking with light emitters
US10152142 Foot control for computer processor
US10152143 Customizing input device operation
US10152144 Position pointer and position indicator cartridge
US10152145 System and method for bidirectional communication between stylus and stylus sensor controller
US10152146 Cosmetically hidden electrostatic discharge protection structures
US10152147 Touch sensor for display device
US10152148 Phase compensation method for multi-scan in touch sensing system and phase compensation circuit thereof
US10152149 Composite substrate structure and touch panel having the same
US10152150 Facilitating user input via arm-mounted peripheral device interfacing with head-mounted display device
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