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US10152151 Stylus pen, touch panel, and coordinate indicating system having the same
US10152152 Electret element and manufacturing method therefor, sensor, electronic circuit, and input device
US10152153 Flexible display apparatus and operating method thereof
US10152154 3D interaction method and display device
US10152155 Mutual capacitive in-cell display device and the driving method thereof
US10152156 Touch sensor integrated type display device
US10152157 Touch display device having a gate off modulation voltage and method of driving the same
US10152158 Information processing apparatus and control method of information processing apparatus
US10152159 Display panel and method for forming an array substrate of a display panel
US10152160 Input/output panel, input/output device, and semiconductor device
US10152161 Compact touch screen controller having multiplexed sense lines
US10152162 Method of optimizing touch detection
US10152163 Method of reducing the space occupied by electrode routing traces on single layer touch sensor
US10152164 Touch driving circuit, touch driving method and touch screen
US10152165 Touch panel circuit with electrostatic discharge protection structure and touch panel including same
US10152166 Display device using semiconductor light emitting device
US10152167 Operation display system, operation display device, and operation display program
US10152168 Sensor-equipped display device
US10152169 Protective case with cover for wearable electronic device
US10152171 Touch panel including touch sensing electrodes with reduced visibility
US10152172 Keyboard device and keyboard control method
US10152173 Using 3D touch for signal conditioning and noise reduction on a touch surface
US10152174 Position input device and touch panel
US10152175 Selective touch scan area and reporting techniques
US10152176 Touch sensitive apparatus with improved spatial resolution
US10152177 Manipulation detection apparatus, manipulation detection method, and projector
US10152178 Piezoelectric sheet, touch panel using the same, and input-output device using them
US10152179 Touch sensing apparatus and method
US10152180 Chip scale sensing chip package and a manufacturing method thereof
US10152181 Touch display device and driving method thereof
US10152182 Touch sensor having jumpers
US10152183 Thick-film pattern structure and method of forming the same
US10152184 Indicator detecting device and signal processing method thereof
US10152185 Method for manufacturing laminate containing patterned layers to be plated, method for manufacturing metal layer-containing laminate, touch panel sensor, touch panel, laminate containing patterned layers to be plated, and metal layer-containing laminate
US10152186 Input device for detecting an electrostatic capacitance of an object
US10152187 Electronic device with an integrated touch sensing and force sensing device
US10152189 Touch panel and display device with touch panel
US10152193 Systems and methods for online coaching in a matching service
US10152194 Transmitting hardware-rendered graphical data
US10152195 Aircraft display system pertaining to energy management
US10152196 Mobile terminal and method of operating a message-based conversation for grouping of messages
US10152197 Dynamic indication of a status of an application
US10152199 Object based contextual menu controls
US10152200 Notification area that persistently rearranges elements
US10152202 Mobile device and method for responding to events of user interface of mobile device
US10152203 Devices and methods for selecting and displaying chart calculation options
US10152204 Creating dynamic mnemonics
US10152205 Display apparatus and display method
US10152206 Displaying and navigating computer-aided detection results on a review workstation
US10152207 Method and device for changing emoticons in a chat interface
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