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US10152209 User interface design to mitigate device deterioration
US10152210 Unified communications application functionality in condensed views
US10152211 Application delivery agents on virtual desktop instances
US10152212 Media container addition and playback within queue
US10152213 Techniques for selecting objects in images
US10152214 Method and mobile terminal for displaying visual prompt
US10152215 Setting adjustment range of graphical user interface
US10152216 Electronic device and method for controlling applications in the electronic device
US10152217 Mobile terminal indicating lapse of time associated with a function and control method thereof
US10152218 Operation device, information processing apparatus comprising operation device, and operation receiving method for information processing apparatus
US10152219 Watch-type mobile terminal
US10152220 System and method to control a touchscreen user interface
US10152221 Banking services experience center
US10152223 System-initiated help function for operating an apparatus associated with a vehicle-input of spaces
US10152224 Mobile terminal, non-transitory computer readable storage medium, and method for setting invalid area
US10152225 Identification of candidate characters for text input
US10152226 Portable device and method of changing screen of portable device
US10152227 Free form user-designed single-handed touchscreen keyboard
US10152228 Enhanced display of interactive elements in a browser
US10152229 Secure transaction interfaces
US10152230 File-based replication techniques
US10152231 Administering a shared, on-line pool of data storage resources for performing data storage operations
US10152232 Low-impact application-level performance monitoring with minimal and automatically upgradable instrumentation in a storage system
US10152233 File management method, distributed storage system, and management node
US10152234 Virtual volume virtual desktop infrastructure implementation using a primary storage array lacking data deduplication capability
US10152235 Data integrity and acceleration in compressed storage environments in combination with software defined native RAID
US10152236 Hybrid data storage device with partitioned local memory
US10152237 Non-deterministic memory protocol
US10152238 Data processing system with memory system using firmwares based on operating systems loaded into host and operating method thereof
US10152239 Migration to a multi-tiered data store
US10152240 Resource allocation based on transaction processor classification
US10152241 Data processing system and operating method thereof
US10152242 Host based hints
US10152243 Managing data flow in heterogeneous computing
US10152244 Programmable memory command sequencer
US10152245 Storage management system and method
US10152246 Application aware AMQP durable messages backup and restore
US10152247 Atomically committing write requests
US10152248 Erasure coding for elastic cloud storage
US10152249 Data memory device and controller with interface error detection and handling logic
US10152250 File system snapshot replication techniques
US10152251 Targeted backup of virtual machine
US10152252 Memory system and operating method thereof
US10152253 Data back-up in an asynchronous circuit
US10152254 Distributing mapped raid disk extents when proactively copying from an EOL disk
US10152255 Accelerated loading of guest virtual machine from live snapshot
US10152256 Method for backing up data on tape
US10152257 Random number generation in ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM)
US10152258 Big block allocation of persistent main memory
US10152259 System and method for allocating and deallocating an address range corresponding to a first and a second memory between processors
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