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US10152260 Information system, management program, and program exchange method of information system
US10152261 Providing memory bandwidth compression using compression indicator (CI) hint directories in a central processing unit (CPU)-based system
US10152262 Memory access techniques in memory devices with multiple partitions
US10152263 Data storage systems, computing systems, methods for controlling a data storage system, and methods for controlling a computing system
US10152264 Memory device update system
US10152265 Efficient repository migration and storage
US10152266 Systems and methods for providing data backup services in a virtual environment
US10152267 Replication data pull
US10152268 System and methods for replication resource management in asymmetric secure multi-tenancy deployments in protection storage
US10152269 Method and system for preserving branch cache file data segment identifiers upon volume replication
US10152270 Storage system
US10152271 Data replication
US10152272 Data mirroring control apparatus and method
US10152273 Nonvolatile memory controller and method for erase suspend management that increments the number of program and erase cycles after erase suspend
US10152274 Method and apparatus for reading/writing data from/into flash memory, and user equipment
US10152275 Reverse order submission for pointer rings
US10152276 Memory device including data processor and program method of same
US10152277 Data transmission method and system
US10152278 Logical to physical sector size adapter
US10152280 Storage device and control method
US10152281 Systems, devices, apparatus, and methods for transparently inserting a virtual storage layer in a fibre channel based storage area network while maintaining continuous input/output operations
US10152282 Calibration memory control method and apparatus of electronic control unit
US10152283 Hierarchical icons for graphical user interface
US10152284 Synchronizing metadata with alterations to a portable document format print job
US10152286 Systems and methods for efficiently managing print procurement orders based on item-specific interest levels and supplier-influenced thresholds
US10152287 Printing control apparatus, printing control system, and printing control method
US10152288 Non-transitory computer-readable medium and portable terminal
US10152289 Communication apparatus that obtains application information from a communication partner apparatus existing within an effective communication range, control method therefor, and storage medium
US10152290 Universal printing using remote application servers
US10152291 Multi-projector display box for use in retail marketing
US10152292 Display apparatus, multi display apparatus, and image display method using the multi display apparatus
US10152293 Display panel attachment mechanism
US10152294 Mobile device and method of running two platform systems or applications thereon
US10152295 Methods for displaying image data in a computer system supporting multiple displays
US10152296 Apparatus and method for providing a personalized bass tactile output associated with an audio signal
US10152297 Classroom system
US10152298 Confidence estimation based on frequency
US10152299 Reducing response latency of intelligent automated assistants
US10152300 Device, method, and graphical user interface for providing audiovisual feedback
US10152301 Providing interface controls based on voice commands
US10152302 Calculating normalized metrics
US10152303 Partial square root calculation
US10152304 Apparatuses and methods for random number generation
US10152305 Composite virtual services
US10152306 Framework for developing and deploying applications
US10152307 Specifying user defined or translator definitions to use to interpret mnemonics in a computer program
US10152308 User interface display testing system
US10152309 Cross-library framework architecture feature sets
US10152310 Fusing a sequence of operations through subdividing
US10152311 Code-size aware function specialization
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