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US10152312 Dynamic compiler parallelism techniques
US10152313 Shared library transformation on the same architecture
US10152314 Software asset management
US10152315 Live rule deployment with deployment log
US10152316 Mobile application processing
US10152317 Method and system for updating software packages in a storage system
US10152318 Computer system and method for executing applications with new data structures
US10152319 System and method for providing supplemental functionalities to a computer program via an ontology instance
US10152320 Method of transferring data between external devices and an array processor
US10152321 Instructions and logic for blend and permute operation sequences
US10152323 Method and apparatus for shuffling data
US10152325 Instruction and logic to provide pushing buffer copy and store functionality
US10152326 Method and apparatus to process SHA-2 secure hashing algorithm
US10152327 Apparatus for gating a load operation based on entries of a prediction table
US10152330 Memory protection using a tagged architecture
US10152331 Method and system for enforcing kernel mode access protection
US10152332 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
US10152333 Network boot system
US10152334 Network boot system
US10152335 Seamless host system gesture experience for guest applications on touch based devices
US10152336 Technologies for managing sensor conflicts
US10152337 Logical data shuffling
US10152338 Marking external sibling caller routines
US10152339 Methods and apparatus for server caching simulator
US10152340 Configuring cache for I/O operations of virtual machines
US10152341 Hyper-threading based host-guest communication
US10152342 Method and system for providing virtual desktop and virtual application interactivity
US10152343 Method and apparatus for managing IT infrastructure in cloud environments by migrating pairs of virtual machines
US10152344 Coupling a network interface card (NIC) of a host system to a virtual machine
US10152345 Machine identity persistence for users of non-persistent virtual desktops
US10152346 System and method for hypervisor-based remediation and provisioning of a computer
US10152347 Automatic virtual machine termination in a cloud
US10152348 Managing use a limited-life storage device by suspending classes of task based on an amount of data to be written and an efficiency index
US10152349 Kernel scheduling based on precedence constraints and/or artificial intelligence techniques
US10152350 Secure domain manager
US10152351 Proxy object system
US10152352 Writing to contiguous memory addresses in a network on a chip architecture
US10152353 Account activity level based-system resource allocating method and device
US10152354 Optimized thread scheduling on processor hardware with performance-relevant shared hardware components
US10152356 Methods and apparatus for limiting data transferred over the network by interpreting part of the data as a metaproperty
US10152357 Monitoring application workloads scheduled on heterogeneous elements of information technology infrastructure
US10152358 Methods and systems for quantum ready and quantum enabled computations
US10152359 Load balancing method for multicore mobile terminal
US10152360 Coordinating event-driven object execution
US10152361 Event stream processing cluster manager
US10152362 Techniques to modify a document using a latent transfer surface
US10152363 Identifying potential computer system problems using machine learning techniques
US10152364 Predicting, diagnosing, and recovering from application failures based on resource access patterns
US10152365 Method and sequencer for detecting a malfunction occurring in a high performance computer
US10152366 Log analysis system, fault cause analysis system, log analysis method, and recording medium which stores program
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