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US10152367 System dump analysis
US10152368 Recording apparatus and control method for recording apparatus
US10152369 Compute resource monitoring system and method associated with benchmark tasks and conditions
US10152370 Method and apparatus for determining a timing adjustment of output to a host memory controller
US10152371 End-to-end data protection for distributed storage
US10152372 Data storage device and operating method thereof
US10152373 Methods of operating memory including receipt of ECC data
US10152374 Error code calculation on sensing circuitry
US10152375 Error protection of data stored using variable-length headers
US10152376 Data object recovery for storage systems
US10152377 Layering a distributed storage system into storage groups and virtual chunk spaces for efficient data recovery
US10152378 Data protection for a cold storage system
US10152379 Efficient garbage collection for distributed storage with forward error correction
US10152380 Memory device, memory system, and method of operating memory device
US10152381 Using storage defragmentation function to facilitate system checkpoint
US10152382 Method and system for monitoring virtual machine cluster
US10152383 Expedited device backup, wipe, and enrollment
US10152384 Location based replication
US10152385 Virtual machine backup
US10152386 Efficient disaster rollback across heterogeneous storage systems
US10152387 Instant start of virtual machine from archive copy on backup media
US10152388 Active stream counts for storage appliances
US10152390 Increasing speed of file restore
US10152391 Self-service terminal (SST) backups and rollbacks
US10152392 Communication apparatus and wireless communication system
US10152393 Out-of-band data recovery in computing systems
US10152394 Data center cost optimization using predictive analytics
US10152395 Fault tolerant systems and method of using the same
US10152396 Time-based checkpoint target for database media recovery
US10152397 Disaster recovery at high reliability in a storage cluster
US10152398 Pipelined data replication for disaster recovery
US10152399 Recovering stranded data
US10152400 Method and system for dynamically unblocking customers in critical workflows by pushing community contributed solutions just-in-time when an error is encountered
US10152401 Instruction and logic to test transactional execution status
US10152402 Supporting multiple streams for a redirected USB device
US10152404 Collaborative debugging
US10152405 Application testing system and method
US10152406 Software program repair
US10152407 Optimization of analysis of automated test results
US10152408 Memory system with activate-leveling method
US10152410 Magnetoresistive random-access memory cache write management
US10152411 Capability value-based stored data allocation method and apparatus, and storage system
US10152412 Smart flash cache logger
US10152413 Nonvolatile memory module and operation method thereof
US10152414 Line termination methods
US10152416 Buffer cache apparatus, journaling file system and journaling method for incorporating journaling features within non-volatile buffer cache
US10152417 Early freeing of a snoop machine of a data processing system prior to completion of snoop processing for an interconnect operation
US10152418 Speculation control for improving transaction success rate, and instruction therefor
US10152419 Deferred response to a prefetch request
US10152420 Multi-way set associative cache and processing method thereof
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