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US10152421 Instruction and logic for cache control operations
US10152422 Page-based method for optimizing cache metadata updates
US10152424 Write reduction system and method
US10152425 Cache entry replacement based on availability of entries at another cache
US10152426 Mapping table loading method, memory control circuit unit and memory storage apparatus
US10152427 Hybrid memory management
US10152428 Virtual memory service levels
US10152429 Predictive memory management
US10152430 Cryptographic pointer address encoding
US10152431 System and method for remote set-up and adjustment of peripherals
US10152432 Support information provisioning system
US10152433 Inline PCI-IOV adapter
US10152434 Efficient arbitration for memory accesses
US10152435 Coherent controller
US10152436 Mutual exclusion in a non-coherent memory hierarchy
US10152437 Memory system
US10152438 Deferred inter-processor interrupts
US10152439 Semiconductor device
US10152440 Slave device identification on a single wire communications bus
US10152441 Host bus access by add-on devices via a network interface controller
US10152442 Multi-function ports on a computing device
US10152443 System and method for providing personality switching in a solid state drive device
US10152444 Synchronous link training
US10152445 Signal count reduction between semiconductor dies assembled in wafer-level package
US10152446 Link-physical layer interface adapter
US10152447 Universal serial bus converter circuit and related method
US10152448 Resistor module of a USB interface device and a method of operating a resistor module of a USB interface device
US10152450 Remote processing and memory utilization
US10152451 Scatter using index array and finite state machine
US10152452 Source operand read suppression for graphics processors
US10152454 Method and system for decomposing a problem involving discrete optimization into a plurality of smaller subproblems and use of the method for solving the problem
US10152455 Data processing method and processor based on 3072-point fast Fourier transformation, and storage medium
US10152456 Correlation operation circuit and semiconductor device
US10152457 Target parameter adaptation
US10152458 Systems for determining long-term effects in statistical hypothesis testing
US10152459 Intelligent window placement with multiple windows using high DPI screens
US10152460 Adaptive column selection
US10152462 Automatic generation of documentary content
US10152463 System for profiling page browsing interactions
US10152464 Determining and displaying a count of unread items in content feeds
US10152465 Security-focused web application crawling
US10152466 Comparing user interfaces
US10152467 Managing a sharing of media content among client computers
US10152468 Mobile terminal and method of sharing additional information on web page
US10152469 Analytics report segments and controls
US10152470 Updating formulas in response to table transposition
US10152471 Method for performing normalization of unstructured data and computing device using the same
US10152472 Apparatus and method for generating summary data of E-book or E-note
US10152473 English input method and input device
US10152474 Automated term extraction
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