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US10152476 Wearable device and translation system
US10152477 Communication method and system for accessing media data
US10152478 Apparatus, system and method for string disambiguation and entity ranking
US10152479 Selecting representative media items based on match information
US10152480 Archiving indexed data
US10152481 Technique to scale out namespace
US10152485 File system, computer and method
US10152487 System and method for a cloud storage provider to safely deduplicate encrypted backup objects
US10152489 Synchronize collaboration entity files
US10152490 Sequential replication with limited number of objects
US10152491 File searching method and image processing device thereof
US10152493 Dynamic ephemeral point-in-time snapshots for consistent reads to HDFS clients
US10152494 Process for matching paint
US10152495 Visual search in real world using optical see-through head mounted display with augmented reality and user interaction tracking
US10152496 User interface device, search method, and program
US10152497 Bulk deduplication detection
US10152498 Providing storage technology information to improve database performance
US10152499 Database replication scaling
US10152500 Read mostly instances
US10152501 Rollover strategies in a n-bit dictionary compressed column store
US10152502 Systems, apparatuses, methods, and computer readable media for processing and analyzing big data using columnar index data format
US10152503 Data communications system and method that maximize efficient usage of communications resources
US10152505 Distributed systems and methods for database management and management systems thereof
US10152506 Method of ensuring real-time transaction integrity
US10152507 Finding of a target document in a spoken language processing
US10152508 Improving a multi-tenant database query using contextual knowledge about tenant data
US10152510 Query hint learning in a database management system
US10152511 Techniques for optimization of inner queries
US10152512 Metadata-driven program code generation for clinical data analysis
US10152513 Managing record location lookup caching in a relational database
US10152514 System for computerized evaluation of patent-related information
US10152515 Triggering actions in an information feed system
US10152516 Managing staleness latency among application bundles
US10152517 System and method for identifying similar media objects
US10152518 Apparatus and method for efficient identification of code similarity
US10152519 Optimized spectral matching and display
US10152520 Ranking documents based on user behavior and/or feature data
US10152521 Resource recommendations for a displayed resource
US10152522 Globally distributed compliance enforcement
US10152523 Copying data view portions relevant for analysis and/or collaboration
US10152524 Wavefront muxing and demuxing for cloud data storage and transport
US10152525 Methods and systems for transforming training data to improve data classification
US10152526 Generation of synthetic context objects using bounded context objects
US10152527 Increment resynchronization in hash-based replication
US10152528 Delegating portions of an index of an enterprise
US10152529 Systems and methods for generating a treatment map
US10152530 Determining a recommended control point for a file system
US10152531 Computer-implemented systems and methods for comparing and associating objects
US10152532 Method and system to associate meaningful expressions with abbreviated names
US10152533 System, method and interface for providing a search result using segment constraints
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