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US10152534 Monitoring a corpus for changes to previously provided answers to questions
US10152535 Query phrasification
US10152536 Suggested application download
US10152537 Playback queue control by a mobile device
US10152538 Suggested search based on a content item
US10152539 Webpage searching method and browser
US10152540 Linking thumbnail of image to web page
US10152541 Method of and system for conducting personalized federated search and presentation of results therefrom
US10152543 Generating content labels according to user search queries
US10152544 Viral content propagation analyzer in a social networking system
US10152545 Personalized recommendations using localized regularization
US10152546 Method, system and terminal for performing search in a browser
US10152547 Pattern matching for content in digital magazine
US10152548 Locating mobile users
US10152549 Providing suggestions to a user based on social activity patterns
US10152551 Calibration data in a sensor system
US10152552 Analyzing a structure of a web application to produce actionable tokens
US10152553 Method and system for integrating multiple contents in dynamic webpage
US10152554 Detecting digital content visibility
US10152555 Method and apparatus for composing markup for arranging multimedia elements
US10152556 Semantic modeling platform
US10152557 Efficient similarity ranking for bipartite graphs
US10152558 Graph operations
US10152559 Relational graph database system
US10152560 Graph database querying and visualization
US10152561 Monitoring service-level performance using a key performance indicator (KPI) correlation search
US10152562 Submerged surveillance node
US10152563 System and method for designing accessible and usable spaces having built-in furnishings in a multi-unit environment
US10152564 Methods and systems for generating user interface for processing building information modeling (BIM)-based data
US10152565 Methods for performing register retiming operations into synchronization regions interposed between circuits associated with different clock domains
US10152566 Constraint based bit-stream compression in hardware for programmable devices
US10152567 Early overlay prediction and overlay-aware mask design
US10152569 Algorithms for sequence determinations
US10152570 Method and apparatus for processing medical image data
US10152572 Social media dissemination of health information via a hybrid architecture
US10152573 System and methods for optimizing costs based on care plans
US10152574 Signal feature extracting method and apparatus
US10152575 Adherence measurement for carepath protocol compliance
US10152576 Storage medium storing identifying hybrid orbital program, identifying hybrid orbital apparatus, and identifying hybrid orbital method
US10152577 Cross tenant data access
US10152578 Auto-negotiation of content formats using a secure component model
US10152579 Network information system with license registration and method of operation thereof
US10152580 Interaction method and display device
US10152582 System and method for securing, and providing secured access to encrypted global identities embedded in a QR code
US10152583 Security information update system, information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium encoded with security information update program
US10152584 Using sensor data to authenticate a user for a computer device
US10152585 System and method of providing and validating enhanced CAPTCHAs
US10152586 Managing opt-in and opt-out for private data access
US10152587 Device pairing method
US10152588 Password check by decomposing password
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