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US10149683 Powered surgical cutting and stapling apparatus with manually retractable firing system
US10149684 Systems and methods for reducing pressure at an outflow of a duct
US10149685 System and method for mitral valve function
US10149686 Depth controllable and measurable medical driver devices and methods of use
US10149687 Ankle replacement system and method
US10149688 Anatomic acetabular positioning device for hip arthroplasty
US10149689 Subintimal re-entry catheter and retrograde recanalization
US10149690 Shockwave valvuloplasty catheter system
US10149691 Method of attaching a mesh to a coated loop member of a surgical snare device
US10149692 Methods, devices, and systems for postconditioning with clot removal
US10149693 Lead insertion tool
US10149694 Energy balance mechanism for flexure joint
US10149695 Microsurgical instruments
US10149696 Medical instrument
US10149697 Devices and methods for percutaneous tissue removal
US10149698 Interventional catheter assemblies, control systems and operating methods
US10149699 Hybrid cannula and methods for manufacturing the same
US10149700 3 dimensional simultaneous multiple core biopsy or fiducial marker placement device and methods
US10149701 Dynamic external fixator and methods for use
US10149702 Polyaxial screw and rod system
US10149703 Cervical spinous process staple
US10149704 Intervertebral distractor
US10149705 Spine immobilization tool
US10149706 Device for coaptation of bone fragments and methods for producing such a device
US10149708 Bone plate system
US10149709 Percutaneous bone screw device
US10149710 Bone screw and implant delivery device
US10149712 Layered ferromagnetic coated conductor thermal surgical tool
US10149713 Electrosurgical system
US10149714 Systems, assemblies, and methods for treating a bronchial tree
US10149715 Electrosurgical pencil with sheath
US10149716 Self-sizing catheter features to prevent over-tightening of the electrode
US10149717 Cauterization devices, methods, and systems
US10149718 Convertible optical and pressure wave ablation system and method
US10149719 Medical manipulator
US10149720 Method, apparatus, and a system for facilitating bending of an instrument in a surgical or medical robotic environment
US10149721 Ultrasonic volume flow measurement for ablation planning
US10149724 Accurate radiographic calibration using multiple images
US10149726 Methods, systems, and devices for initializing a surgical tool
US10149727 Surgical tool and robotic surgical system interfaces
US10149728 Elongate medical part guide module
US10149730 Control unit for a medical device
US10149731 Universal C arm tape drape
US10149733 Tunnel gage
US10149734 Pivotable optical assembly for a surgical microscope, in particular 0°-assistant's device, and a retaining system for said pivotable optical assembly of the surgical microscope
US10149735 Application aid for the treatment of wounds
US10149736 Deposition of RFID tags
US10149737 Niti alloy root canal file with flexibility gradient and manufacturing method thereof
US10149738 Apparatus for applying corrective forces to shape palate
US10149739 Orthodontic bracket for primary teeth
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