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US10152589 Searching data using pre-prepared search data
US10152590 Implementing a WebSocket server to circumvent access controls, by a web browser, on a web application
US10152591 Protecting against malware variants using reconstructed code of malware
US10152592 Compiler assisted protection against arbitrary code execution
US10152593 Method and device for identifying pirated dongle
US10152594 Method and device for identifying virus APK
US10152595 Container and image scanning for a platform-as-a-service system
US10152596 Detecting anomalous events through runtime verification of software execution using a behavioral model
US10152597 Deduplicating malware
US10152598 Process categorization using crowdsourcing
US10152599 Security mechanisms for extreme deep sleep state
US10152600 Methods and systems to measure a hypervisor after the hypervisor has already been measured and booted
US10152602 Protecting state information for virtual machines
US10152603 Systems and methods for detecting sensitive information leakage while preserving privacy
US10152604 Enforcing locational restrictions on stateless transactions
US10152605 Systems and methods for front-end and back-end data security protocols
US10152606 Enterprise level data element review systems and methodologies
US10152607 Secure access to hierarchical documents in a sorted, distributed key/value data store
US10152608 Healthcare privacy violation detection and investigation system and method
US10152609 Personally identifiable information (PII) disclosure detection
US10152610 Sensitive data service access
US10152611 Identifying and preventing leaks of sensitive information
US10152612 Cryptographic operations for secure page mapping in a virtual machine environment
US10152613 Apparatus and method for physically unclonable function (PUF) for a memory array
US10152616 Card with electrically conductive points that are readable
US10152617 Methods, systems and apparatus to improve radio frequency identification (RFID) tag communication
US10152618 Reader, writer and method for programmable tags
US10152619 RFID receiver and method of extracting data bits encoded in a radio signal
US10152620 Method and apparatus for tracking objects and people
US10152621 Identification of miniaturized electronic assembly using identification features on multiple components
US10152622 Visual feedback for code readers
US10152624 Portable scanner with improved user feedback
US10152625 Method for providing control function using fingerprint sensor and electronic device thereof
US10152626 Fingerprint recognition sensor and terminal device
US10152627 Feature flow for video recognition
US10152628 Devices, methods, and systems for occupancy detection
US10152629 Methods of processing data from multiple image sources to provide normalized confidence levels for use in improving performance of a recognition processor
US10152630 Methods and systems of performing blob filtering in video analytics
US10152631 Optical system for an image acquisition device
US10152632 Dynamic brightness and resolution control in virtual environments
US10152633 Line-of-sight detection device and line-of-sight detection method
US10152634 Methods and systems for contextually processing imagery
US10152635 Unsupervised online learning of overhanging structure detector for map generation
US10152636 Setting a personal status using augmented reality
US10152637 Temporal segmentation of actions using context features
US10152638 Early detection of exit only and shared lanes using perception technology
US10152639 Method and system for identifying a vacant parking space in a parking lot
US10152640 System and method for verification of lamp operation
US10152641 Artificial intelligence based vehicle dashboard analysis
US10152642 Method for detecting driving behavior and system using the same
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