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US10152643 Method and system for aligning and classifying images
US10152644 Progressive vehicle searching method and device
US10152645 Method and apparatus for updating a background model used for background subtraction of an image
US10152646 Keypoint identification
US10152647 Comparing extracted card data using continuous scanning
US10152648 Method and apparatus for determining a document type of a digital document
US10152650 Trademark retrieval method, apparatus and system, and computer storage medium
US10152651 Medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method
US10152652 Selecting a device with visual confirmation in the internet of things
US10152653 Spatial analysis with attribute graphs
US10152654 Signal response metrology for image based overlay measurements
US10152655 Deep-learning network architecture for object detection
US10152656 Color correct imaging
US10152657 Image processing apparatus and image processing method of color image
US10152658 Printing system, and set and computer-readable medium therefor
US10152659 Printing apparatus, user interface screen displaying method, and medium
US10152660 Smart card read/write method and apparatus
US10152662 Apparatus and method for generating 2D barcode and apparatus for extracting 2D barcode information
US10152663 Method to store a secret QR code into a colored secure QR code
US10152664 Backlit display detection and radio signature recognition
US10152665 Method and system for transmission of information
US10152666 Authentication article and process for making same
US10152667 Tag assembly with multiple antennas, ICs, and/or sensing elements
US10152668 Identification badge system
US10152669 Transaction card having an electrically applied coating
US10152670 Wood inlay card and method for making the same
US10152671 Transaction card having structural reinforcement
US10152672 Tire tracking RFID label
US10152673 Method for pseudo-recurrent processing of data using a feedforward neural network architecture
US10152674 Accelerated decision tree execution
US10152675 Adaptive analytical behavioral and health assistant system and related method of use
US10152676 Distributed training of models using stochastic gradient descent
US10152678 System, method and computer program product for combining raw data from multiple metrology tools
US10152679 Wireless remote asset tracking system and method
US10152680 Appointment and payment handling
US10152681 Customer-based interaction outcome prediction methods and system
US10152682 Configurable data accumulators
US10152683 Demand response event assessment
US10152684 Device, method and system for valuating individuals and organizations based on personal interactions
US10152685 Dynamic vehicle routing for regional clusters
US10152686 System and method for managing shipping of electronic devices with customer personal information
US10152688 System for sensing and recording information regarding medical items in a medical facility
US10152689 Mapping boxes in a storage bay
US10152690 Location and time based smart label updates for auto currency conversion, symbol and item level description
US10152691 Radio frequency identification system for tracking and managing materials in a manufacturing process
US10152693 Mechanism for monitoring collaboration
US10152694 Semi-automatic object reuse across application parts
US10152695 Machine learning based system and method of calculating a match score and mapping the match score to a level
US10152696 Methods and systems for providing predictive metrics in a talent management application
US10152697 Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method and non-transitory computer-readable medium
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