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US10152698 System and method for mobile payments in a vehicle
US10152699 Recovery of declined transactions
US10152700 Wireless transactions for enhancing customer experience
US10152702 Apparatus and methods for analyzing a medical condition
US10152703 Transaction system and method
US10152704 Cloud-based transaction processing
US10152705 Quick payment using mobile device binding
US10152706 Secure NFC data authentication
US10152707 Terminal device, system, and computer readable medium
US10152708 Multi-dimensional code translation
US10152710 Browser-based payment for content
US10152711 Systems and methods for arbitraged enhanced payment processing
US10152713 Automated fraud detection for point-of-sale devices
US10152715 Detection of an unauthorized wireless communication device
US10152717 Document performance based knowledge content management recommender system
US10152719 Virtual photorealistic digital actor system for remote service of customers
US10152720 Authentication tags and systems for golf clubs
US10152724 Technology of assisting context based service
US10152725 Systems and methods for selecting a product sales channel
US10152726 Trend-factored RFM scores to improve campaign performance
US10152727 System and method for marketing attribution in an enterprise
US10152728 Informational and advertiser links for use in web mapping services
US10152729 Location-based service using zones
US10152730 Systems and methods for advertising using sponsored verbs and contexts
US10152731 Scalable native in-stream advertising for mobile applications and websites
US10152732 Methods, systems, and apparatus to design online advertising units via a web-based application
US10152733 Wireless transmission-triggered incentives driving social media engagement
US10152734 Systems, methods and computer program products for mapping field identifiers from and to delivery service, mobile storefront, food truck, service vehicle, self-driving car, delivery drone, ride-sharing service or in-store pickup for integrated shopping, delivery, returns or refunds
US10152735 Methods and systems for automatically creating and suggesting compatible ride-sharing groups
US10152737 Automated waste management
US10152738 Systems and methods for providing an interactive virtual environment
US10152739 Smartphone software application for identification of sound- or light-emitting vehicle accessory product models
US10152740 Method, medium, and system for improving hardware efficiency in generating travel recommendations
US10152741 E-commerce system
US10152742 Distribution of infusion pumps
US10152743 Techniques for providing shared-order functionality for a community of users
US10152744 Method to integrate a vehicle with a network database to generate data and to transfer ownership rights
US10152746 Flexible security system for cash-in-transit
US10152749 Systems and methods for trading a trade list in financial markets
US10152750 Risk mitigation in an electronic trading system
US10152751 Order feed message stream integrity
US10152752 Methods and systems for computing trading strategies for use in portfolio management and computing associated probability distributions for use in option pricing
US10152753 Medical risk underwriting system
US10152754 System and method for small business owner identification
US10152755 System and method for recognizing revenue and managing revenue lifecycles
US10152756 System and method for providing multiple payment method options to browser
US10152757 Data processing system for managing activities linked to multimedia content
US10152759 Systems and methods for promotional validation of travel expenses
US10152760 Methods for an autonomous robotic manufacturing network
US10152761 Facilitating transactions for health applications designed for mobile devices
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