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US10152762 Method for determining ecological risks of heavy metal pollution in river and lake sediments
US10152763 Graphics processing systems
US10152764 Hardware based free lists for multi-rate shader
US10152765 Texture processing method and unit
US10152766 Image processor, method, and chipset for increasing intergration and performance of image processing
US10152767 Memory efficient on-chip buffering for projective transformation
US10152768 Artifact reduction for image style transfer
US10152769 Image processing method and image processor
US10152770 Digital mapping system
US10152771 Correction of motion-based inaccuracy in point clouds
US10152772 Techniques for sampling sub-pixels of an image
US10152773 Creating a blurred area for an image to reuse for minimizing blur operations
US10152774 Method and system for estimating point spread function
US10152775 Low latency mixed reality head wearable device
US10152776 Optical distortion correction for imaged samples
US10152777 Dynamic range coding for images and video
US10152778 Real-time face beautification features for video images
US10152779 Method and apparatus for image filtering
US10152780 System and method for finding lines in an image with a vision system
US10152781 Method for image processing using local statistics convolution
US10152783 Method and system for two dimensional sediment particle shape characterization based on borehole image
US10152784 System and method for detecting defects in a component
US10152786 Registration of a magnetic tracking system with an imaging device
US10152788 Object identification
US10152789 Augmented surgical reality environment
US10152790 Three dimensional localization of a moving target for adaptive radiation therapy
US10152791 System combining automated searches of radiologic images, accession number assignment, and interfacility peer review
US10152792 Method and apparatus for identifying living eye
US10152793 Magnetic resonance image processing method and magnetic resonance image processing apparatus
US10152794 Method and system for calibrating a camera of a vehicle
US10152795 Visual-based inertial navigation
US10152796 Methods and systems for performing segmentation and registration of images using neutrosophic similarity scores
US10152797 Method for co-segmentating three-dimensional models represented by sparse and low-rank feature
US10152798 Systems, methods and, media for determining object motion in three dimensions using speckle images
US10152799 Registering first image data of a first stream with second image data of a second stream
US10152800 Stereoscopic vision three dimensional measurement method and system for calculating laser speckle as texture
US10152801 Depth mapping based on pattern matching and stereoscopic information
US10152802 Method and apparatus for imaging the silhouette of an object occluding a light source using a synthetic aperature
US10152803 Multiple view image display apparatus and disparity estimation method thereof
US10152804 System and method for dynamic color scheme application
US10152805 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and radiation tomographic imaging apparatus, and program
US10152806 Method and computer program product for generating an artefact reduced voxel data record
US10152807 Signal processing for an optical coherence tomography (OCT) apparatus
US10152808 Computer-readable recording medium, computer apparatus, and computer processing method
US10152809 Contour gradients using three-dimensional models
US10152810 Techniques for displaying data comprising time and angular values acquired from a technical or industrial process
US10152811 Edge enhancement for thermal-visible combined images and cameras
US10152812 Odd-even veil view for FFS
US10152813 Composite image creation system, composite image creation method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing composite image creation program
US10152814 Image distortion compensation display device and image distortion compensation method using the same
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