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US10152815 Overlay emphasis modification in augmented reality displays
US10152816 Top-view image generating apparatus and method
US10152818 Techniques for stereo three dimensional image mapping
US10152819 Variable rate shading
US10152820 Texture address mode discarding filter taps
US10152821 Segmented volume rendering with color bleeding prevention
US10152822 Motion biased foveated renderer
US10152823 Three-dimensional image processing to locate nanoparticles in biological and nonbiological media
US10152825 Augmenting multi-view image data with synthetic objects using IMU and image data
US10152826 Augmented reality display system, terminal device and augmented reality display method
US10152827 Three-dimensional modeling method and electronic apparatus thereof
US10152828 Generating scene reconstructions from images
US10152829 Virtual fitting device and virtual fitting method thereof
US10152830 Camera-biometric motion sensor and method of synchronization
US10152831 Method for sharing real-time recording
US10152832 Systems and method for live and replay utilization and tracking of vehicular movement and response
US10152833 Method for determining a defective component of a vehicle
US10152834 Combustion engine airflow management systems and methods
US10152835 Vehicle control device
US10152836 Systems and methods for use of diagnostic scan tool in automotive collision repair
US10152837 System and method for integrating credential readers
US10152838 Using sensor data to authenticate a user
US10152839 Antenna driving apparatus
US10152840 Virtual queue system and method
US10152841 Printing system for a vending machine
US10152842 Beverage vending machine
US10152843 Hybrid forecourt controllers
US10152844 Graphical user interface for a gaming system
US10152845 Gaming machine and gaming method
US10152846 Bonusing architectures in a gaming environment
US10152847 System, method, and device for conducting a wagering game
US10152848 Delayed bonus win determination
US10152849 Gaming system, gaming device and method for displaying multiple concurrent games using dynamic focal points
US10152850 Checkout unit assembly and base for checkout unit assembly
US10152851 Notification artifact display
US10152852 Optical fiber location tracking system
US10152853 Skin stretch feedback devices, systems, and methods
US10152854 Wireless device, management device, and guide system for evacuation route guidance
US10152855 Wireless tamper system
US10152856 Non-lethal weapon fixture and method of defense with a non-lethal weapon
US10152857 Configurable motion detection and alerts for audio/video recording and communication devices
US10152858 Systems, apparatuses and methods for triggering actions based on data capture and characterization
US10152860 Monitoring smart devices on a wireless mesh communication network
US10152862 Anti-theft security device and perimeter detection system
US10152863 Dual communication frequency RFID circuit equipped with a tamper-evident loop
US10152864 Distributed rules engines for robust sensor networks
US10152865 Security device and information processing device
US10152866 Hazard detector architecture facilitating compact form factor and multi-protocol wireless connectivity
US10152867 Portable management and monitoring system for eye drop medication regiment
US10152868 Smart bedtime
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