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US10152869 Personal system for the detection of a risky situation and alert
US10152870 Compliance detection
US10152871 Method for furnishing a warning signal, and method for generating a pre-microsleep pattern for detection of an impending microsleep event for a vehicle
US10152872 Location-based warning notification using wireless devices
US10152873 Alarm verification system and method thereof
US10152874 Processing alert signals from positioning devices
US10152875 Systems and methods to detect unexpected electric bicycle events
US10152877 Systems and methods for adaptive detection of audio alarms
US10152878 Hazard detector, test device for hazard detector, hazard monitoring system and method for testing a hazard detector
US10152879 Method, apparatus, and system for monitoring manufacturing equipment
US10152880 Systems, methods and media for remote control of electronic devices using a proximity sensor
US10152881 Automated traffic signal outage notification based on congestion without signal timing and phase information
US10152882 Host vehicle operation using remote vehicle intention prediction
US10152883 Driving support device
US10152884 Selective actions in a vehicle based on detected ambient hazard noises
US10152885 Vehicle guidance device and vehicle guidance method
US10152886 Driver assistance system with traffic light alert
US10152887 Route searching device and route searching method
US10152888 Wireless transmission system to determine parking lot occupancy
US10152889 Predicting that a parking space is about to be vacated
US10152890 On-vehicle camera device
US10152891 System for avoiding collisions between autonomous vehicles conducting agricultural operations
US10152892 Autonomous vehicle notification system
US10152893 Retrofit wireless blind spot detection system
US10152894 Community noise management with aircraft dynamic path variation
US10152895 Flight guidance method of high altitude unmanned aerial vehicle for station keeping
US10152896 Teaching device
US10152897 Systems and methods for computerized interactive skill training
US10152898 Virtual reality training to enhance physical rehabilitation
US10152899 Method and system for measuring communication skills of crew members
US10152900 System and method for teaching how to weld
US10152901 Orientation zoom in navigation maps when displayed on small screens
US10152902 Card that stands perpendicular to a horizontal surface
US10152903 Swinging sign apparatus
US10152904 LED strip light for shelf signboards
US10152906 Near-eye display system and method
US10152907 Circuit device, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic instrument
US10152908 Timing controller, display device, and method of driving the same
US10152909 Display apparatus
US10152910 Display apparatus having gate driving circuit
US10152911 Power supply circuit and driving method for display panel
US10152912 Display apparatus and a method of operating the same
US10152913 Anti-interference display panel and anti-interference signal line
US10152914 Tiled display and method of assembling same
US10152915 Systems and methods of display brightness adjustment
US10152916 AMOLED pixel driving circuit, method and display device
US10152917 Organic light-emitting display apparatus, method of repairing the same using repair lines and dummy pixels, and method of driving the same
US10152918 Shutdown controlling method, shutdown controlling circuit, driving circuit and AMOLED display device
US10152919 Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, and method of driving electro-optical device
US10152920 Current sensing type sensing unit and organic light-emitting display comprising the same
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