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US10152921 Drive circuitry configuration in display driver
US10152922 Scan driving circuit
US10152923 Display panel, driving method, and electronic device
US10152924 Organic light emitting diode display device including peak luminance controlling unit and method of driving the same
US10152925 Backlight unit, display apparatus having the same, and image display system
US10152927 E-paper imaging via addressable electrode array
US10152928 Signal generation apparatus, signal generation program, signal generation method, and image display apparatus
US10152929 Liquid crystal panels and the driving method thereof
US10152930 Driving method for display panel and driving device
US10152931 Display device
US10152932 Controlling device and method for frequency synchronization and LCD television
US10152933 Driving method and system for liquid crystal display
US10152934 Gamma reference voltage generation circuit and display device
US10152935 Color correction apparatus, display apparatus, and color correction method
US10152936 Circuit, display system, and electronic device
US10152937 Semiconductor device, power supply circuit, and liquid crystal display device
US10152938 Method of driving display panel, timing controller for performing the same and display apparatus having the timing controller
US10152939 Gate driving circuit, method for driving the same, and display device
US10152940 GOA driver circuit and liquid crystal display
US10152941 Display apparatus and method employing pre-charging based on image data comparison
US10152942 Display apparatus and method of operating the same
US10152943 Display device
US10152944 Method for radiometric compensated display, corresponding system, apparatus and computer program product
US10152945 Image processing apparatus capable of performing conversion on input image data for wide dynamic range
US10152946 Video display method using visible/visual light communication with stripe patterns having different orientations and color combinations
US10152947 Display brightness updating
US10152948 Information display apparatus having at least two touch screens and information display method thereof
US10152949 Modular flexible display system and methods
US10152950 Electronic device and image adjustment method
US10152952 Method and system for the safe visualization of safety-relevant information
US10152954 Musical string
US10152955 Percussion pedal assembly
US10152956 Apparatus for sound volume reduction
US10152957 Methods and devices for modulating the tempo of music in real time based on physiological rhythms
US10152958 Electronic musical performance controller based on vector length and orientation
US10152959 Locality based noise masking
US10152960 Systems and methods for distributed adaptive noise cancellation
US10152961 Signal processing device and signal processing method
US10152962 System and method for personalized sound isolation in vehicle audio zones
US10152963 Ultrasound transducer with differential mode signaling
US10152964 Audio output of a document from mobile device
US10152965 Learning personalized entity pronunciations
US10152966 Preventing unwanted activation of a hands free device
US10152967 Determination of an operational directive based at least in part on a spatial audio property
US10152968 Systems and methods for speech-based monitoring and/or control of automation devices
US10152969 Voice detection by multiple devices
US10152970 Adversarial learning and generation of dialogue responses
US10152971 System and method for advanced turn-taking for interactive spoken dialog systems
US10152972 Conversational agent
US10152973 Speech model retrieval in distributed speech recognition systems
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