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US10152974 Unobtrusive training for speaker verification
US10152976 Device control method, display control method, and purchase settlement method
US10152977 Encoding of multiple audio signals
US10152978 Encoder, decoder and methods for signal-dependent zoom-transform in spatial audio object coding
US10152979 Apparatus and method for processing an encoded audio signal
US10152981 Dynamic bit allocation methods and devices for audio signal
US10152982 Audio signal processing device, audio signal processing method, and audio signal processing program
US10152984 Systems and methods for implementing cross-fading, interstitials and other effects downstream
US10152985 Method for recording in video chat, and terminal
US10152986 Acoustic processing apparatus, acoustic processing method, and computer program product
US10152987 Remote invocation of mobile device actions
US10152988 Selecting speech features for building models for detecting medical conditions
US10152989 Monitoring using a mobile device accessory
US10152990 Flatbed cutter assembly and a method therefor
US10152991 Method for manufacturing thermally-assisted magnetic recording head with waveguide blocker
US10152992 Light source unit and thermally-assisted magnetic head
US10152993 Save block data to tape in a reverse order
US10152994 Data storage device concurrently disconnecting multiple voice coil motors from spindle motor BEMF voltage during unload
US10152995 Magnetic tape device and head tracking servo method
US10152996 Process for producing magnetic recording medium
US10152997 Laser current calibration using preamplifier
US10152998 Features maps of articles with polarized light
US10152999 Systems and methods for correlation based data alignment
US10153000 In-band data recognition and synchronization system
US10153001 Video skimming methods and systems
US10153002 Selection of an audio stream of a video for enhancement using images of the video
US10153003 Method, system, and apparatus for generating video content
US10153004 Playback system for video with replaceable commodities
US10153005 Container flange configurations with increased diffusion length for hermetic sealing of data storage systems and devices
US10153006 Stacked semiconductor device and control method for the same
US10153007 Apparatuses including a memory array with separate global read and write lines and/or sense amplifier region column select line and related methods
US10153008 Apparatuses and methods for performing corner turn operations using sensing circuitry
US10153009 Apparatuses and methods for performing logical operations using sensing circuitry
US10153011 Multiple register memory access instructions, processors, methods, and systems
US10153013 Data output buffer
US10153014 DQS-offset and read-RTT-disable edge control
US10153015 Managing disturbance induced errors
US10153016 Apparatus of offset voltage adjustment in input buffer
US10153017 Method for sensing memory element coupled to selector device
US10153018 Ferroelectric memory cells
US10153019 Compensation for threshold voltage variation of memory cell components
US10153020 Dual mode ferroelectric memory cell operation
US10153021 Time-based access of a memory cell
US10153022 Time-based access of a memory cell
US10153023 Cell-based reference voltage generation
US10153024 Dynamic adjustment of memory cell digit line capacitance
US10153025 Circuit and method for imprint reduction in FRAM memories
US10153026 Writing to cross-point non-volatile memory
US10153027 Memory arrays, and methods of forming memory arrays
US10153028 Semiconductor devices
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