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US10153029 Nonvolatile memory devices and memory systems
US10153030 Apparatuses and methods for configurable command and data input circuits for semiconductor memories
US10153031 Apparatuses and methods for controlling refresh operations
US10153032 Pump system of a DRAM and method for operating the same
US10153033 Semiconductor devices
US10153034 Static random access memory unit structure
US10153035 SRAM-based authentication circuit
US10153036 Method for autocorrective writing to a multiport static random access memory device, and corresponding device
US10153037 Multiport memory, memory macro and semiconductor device
US10153038 Memory read stability enhancement with short segmented bit line architecture
US10153039 Memory cells programmed via multi-mechanism charge transports
US10153040 Apparatuses and methods for current limitation in threshold switching memories
US10153041 Dual inline memory module with temperature-sensing scenario mode
US10153042 In-memory computational device with bit line processors
US10153043 Methods of programming and sensing in a memory device
US10153044 Semiconductor memory device and operating method thereof
US10153045 Semiconductor memory device
US10153046 Non-volatile memory with backing up of programmed data
US10153047 Nonconsecutive sensing of multilevel memory cells
US10153048 Method and apparatus for reading data stored in flash memory by referring to binary digit distribution characteristics of bit sequences read from flash memory
US10153049 Erasing memory segments in a memory block of memory cells using select gate control line voltages
US10153050 Non-volatile memory device and memory system including the same
US10153051 Program-verify of select gate transistor with doped channel in NAND string
US10153052 Flash command that reports a count of cell program failures
US10153053 Fusible link cell with dual bit storage
US10153054 Ferroelectric memory cell recovery
US10153055 Arbitration for memory diagnostics
US10153056 System for a geographic location based sharing request network
US10153057 System and method for generating and using a wearable device profile
US10153058 Machine learning for hepatitis C
US10153059 Charged particle acceleration device
US10153060 Beam shutter, in particular for X-rays
US10153061 Metal grating for X-rays, production method for metal grating for X-rays, metal grating unit for X-rays, and X-ray imaging device
US10153062 Illumination and imaging device for high-resolution X-ray microscopy with high photon energy
US10153063 Copper alloy for electronic devices, method of manufacturing copper alloy for electronic devices, copper alloy plastic working material for electronic devices, and component for electronic devices
US10153064 Graphene interposer and method of manufacturing such an interposer
US10153065 Conductive polymer fibers, method and device for producing conductive polymer fibers, biological electrode, device for measuring biological signals, implantable electrode, and device for measuring biological signals
US10153066 Conductive paste and multilayer board using the same
US10153067 Electroconductive elastomer composition and manufacturing method therefor
US10153068 Dielectric or heat-transfer fluid compositions and uses of same
US10153069 Water-tight power cable with metallic screen rods
US10153070 Waterproof structure of wire harness
US10153071 Superconducting devices by optimization of the superconductor's local critical current
US10153072 Textured substrate for forming epitaxial film and method for producing the same
US10153073 Integrated circuit (IC) including semiconductor resistor and resistance compensation circuit and related methods
US10153074 Support and fastener for polarization resistors of on-load tap changer
US10153075 Polyimide-based polymer thick film resistor composition
US10153076 Coil component and method for producing the same
US10153077 Input device attachment/detachment mechanism for computing devices
US10153078 Integrated inductor structure and integrated transformer structure
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