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US10153079 Laminated coil component and method of manufacturing the same
US10153080 Reactor
US10153081 Coil component
US10153082 Electronic component and method of manufacturing electronic component
US10153083 Coil component and electronic device
US10153084 Physical design in magnetic environment
US10153085 Low stray-loss transformers and methods of assembling the same
US10153086 Guiding device for stator of automatic wire winding machine
US10153087 Electro-polarizable compound and capacitor
US10153088 Capacitor, in particular intermediate circuit capacitor for a multi-phase system
US10153089 Thin-film capacitor for electric vehicle
US10153090 Multilayer ceramic capacitor having external electrodes provided on bottom face and conductor and cover layers provided on front and rear faces
US10153091 Multi-layer ceramic capacitor and method of producing the same
US10153092 Thin-film capacitor
US10153093 Ultra compact micro capacitor and method for producing same
US10153094 Supercapacitor structures
US10153095 Ultra-capacity battery
US10153096 Formulations for and methods of fabricating energy storage device electrodes
US10153097 Electrolyte additive for hybrid supercapacitors to reduce charge transfer resistance, and hybrid supercapacitor including the same
US10153098 Method for producing electrode material and electrode material
US10153099 Knife blade switch contact with high resistance portion
US10153100 Key assembly comprising a metal and plastic balance link
US10153101 Switching system with preselector
US10153102 Lockout, tagout device for slidelink energy isolation arrangement
US10153103 Support bar structure of see-through button
US10153104 Keyboard structure with electrostatic discharge protection
US10153105 Touch-sensitive light guide film, and glowing keyboard and electrical device using the same
US10153106 Keyboard structure
US10153107 Manipulation device
US10153108 Pressing input device
US10153109 Gas circuit breaker
US10153110 Vacuum circuit breaker
US10153111 Vacuum circuit interrupter
US10153112 Device for monitoring the vacuum quality of a vacuum circuit breaker
US10153114 Electronic-device seal structure and electromagnetic relay using said electronic-device seal structure
US10153115 Electromagnetic contactor
US10153116 Electromagnetic switch with stable moveable contact
US10153117 Electromagnetic power contactor provided with control rod having stop
US10153118 Frame module, circuit breaker including the same and associated method
US10153119 Articulated clinch joint for molded case circuit breaker
US10153120 Bypass switch comprising a movable member with a first conductive section and a second conductive section
US10153122 Temperature-sensitive pellet type thermal fuse
US10153123 Compact dual element fuse unit, module and fusible disconnect switch
US10153124 Multi-load fuse block
US10153125 Impulse voltage generating device
US10153126 System for discharging an area that is scanned by an electron beam
US10153127 Low profile extraction electrode assembly
US10153128 Charged particle beam apparatus and sample elevating apparatus
US10153129 Charged particle beam device and scanning electron microscope
US10153130 Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and charged particle beam drawing method
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