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US10149741 Method of attaching a dental component to a dental implant
US10149742 Method of assembling a dental implant
US10149743 Instrument for handling a dental part
US10149744 Method and apparatus for generation of 3D models with applications in dental restoration design
US10149745 Method and system for generating a model of a subperiosteal dental implant device and customized implant head
US10149746 Method of manufacturing a molded dental component from a blank
US10149747 Electric toothbrush with controlled suction and irrigation
US10149750 Graft devices and methods of fabrication
US10149751 Tissue capturing bone anchor
US10149752 Implant placement systems and one-handed methods for tissue fixation using same
US10149753 Bioabsorbable multilayer nasal valve spreader graft
US10149754 Suturing ring for prosthetic heart valves
US10149755 Method for preparing an artificial heart valve leaflet
US10149756 Heart valve
US10149757 System and method for transaortic delivery of a prosthetic heart valve
US10149758 System and method of stepped deployment of prosthetic heart valve
US10149759 Heart valve assistive prosthesis
US10149760 Assembly and method for loading a self-expanding collapsible heart valve
US10149762 Multiple component bone void filling implant
US10149763 Multipurpose void filling prosthesis
US10149764 Sacroiliac joint immobilization
US10149766 Elbow prosthesis
US10149768 High performance knee prostheses
US10149770 Orthopedic implant with adjustable angle between tissue contact surfaces
US10149771 B-shaped interbody implant
US10149772 Bone fusion device
US10149773 Rigid intervertebral scaffolding
US10149774 Method of performing a modified intervastus approach in total knee arthroplasty procedures
US10149775 Barbed anchors for attachment to endoluminal prosthesis
US10149777 Orientation marker on pusher for deployment of endoluminal prostheses
US10149778 Methods and systems for delivering an implant using a planetary gear actuation assembly
US10149779 Arm cuff for reducing shoulder impingement
US10149781 Nasal dilator with decorative design element
US10149782 Oral interface and method using the same
US10149783 Negative pressure oral apparatus
US10149785 Device and method for trephine alignment
US10149786 Noise reduction earmuffs system and method
US10149787 Oxygen diffusive wound dressings and methods of manufacturing and use
US10149788 Disposable diapers
US10149789 Apparatus and methods for adhesion
US10149790 Evacu zip and carry strap with clamp
US10149791 Ambulance cot and loading and unloading system
US10149792 Countertraction surgical assembly
US10149793 Adjustable support apparatus for a surgery table
US10149794 Surgical table and method of operating the same
US10149795 Method and system for behavioral training to improve sight
US10149796 Pneumatic compression devices and garments for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis
US10149797 Model dolls and methods for making the same
US10149800 User controllable noncollapsible variable stream physiological dispenser in the form of a patterned nipple
US10149801 Breastfeeding apparatus system
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