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US10153131 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
US10153132 Substrate processing apparatus
US10153133 Plasma reactor having digital control over rotation frequency of a microwave field with direct up-conversion
US10153134 Plasma generation system
US10153135 Plasma etching apparatus
US10153136 Hollow RF feed with coaxial DC power feed
US10153137 Support unit, substrate treating apparatus including the same, and method for treating a substrate
US10153138 Plasma etching apparatus
US10153139 Multiple electrode substrate support assembly and phase control system
US10153140 Method of installing elastomer ring in semiconductor processing equipment and guiding sheet and jig used in installing elastomer ring
US10153141 Apparatus for monitoring gas and plasma process equipment including the same
US10153142 LiCoO2 sputtering target, production method therefor, and positive electrode material thin film
US10153143 Smart chamber and smart chamber components
US10153144 Imaging spectrometer
US10153145 Method of mass spectrometry and a mass spectrometer
US10153146 High mass accuracy filtering for improved spectral matching of high-resolution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data against unit-resolution reference databases
US10153147 Method of compressing an ion beam
US10153149 Ion trap mass spectrometer
US10153150 Apparatus for mass analysis of analytes by simultaneous positive and negative ionization
US10153151 Phosphor-containing film and backlight unit
US10153152 High-pressure sodium lamp lighting device
US10153153 Method for removing adhering matter and dry etching method
US10153154 Process of preparing low dielectric constant thin film layer used in integrated circuit
US10153155 Doped ferroelectric hafnium oxide film devices
US10153156 Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
US10153157 P-FET with graded silicon-germanium channel
US10153158 Semiconductor nanowire fabrication
US10153159 Source and drain formation using self-aligned processes
US10153160 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10153161 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor structure
US10153162 Shrink process aware assist features
US10153163 Hardmask composition and method of forming patterning by using the hardmask composition
US10153164 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
US10153165 Patterning method
US10153166 Mechanisms for forming patterns using lithography processes
US10153167 Semiconductor devices with cavities
US10153168 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10153169 Method of controlling threshold of transistor and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10153170 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
US10153171 Method of forming patterns, patterns formed according to the method, and semiconductor device including the patterns
US10153172 Etching method and recording medium
US10153173 Method for wet etching of block copolymer self-assembly pattern
US10153174 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10153175 Metal oxide layered structure and methods of forming the same
US10153176 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and template for nanoimprint
US10153177 Wiring substrate and semiconductor device
US10153178 Semiconductor die assemblies with heat sink and associated systems and methods
US10153179 Carrier warpage control for three dimensional integrated circuit (3DIC) stacking
US10153180 Semiconductor bonding structures and methods
US10153181 Substrate treating apparatus and substrate treating method
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