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US10153182 Substrate processing apparatus
US10153183 High speed low temperature method for manufacturing and repairing semiconductor processing equipment and equipment produced using same
US10153184 Light irradiation type heat treatment apparatus
US10153185 Substrate temperature measurement in multi-zone heater
US10153186 Indicator used in electronic device manufacturing apparatus and method for designing and/or managing the apparatus
US10153187 Methods and apparatus for transferring a substrate
US10153188 Micro transfer printing method
US10153189 Carrier buffering device and buffering method
US10153190 Devices, systems and methods for electrostatic force enhanced semiconductor bonding
US10153191 Substrate carrier system and method for using the same
US10153192 Electrostatic chuck device
US10153193 Integrated circuit for a stable electrical connection and manufacturing method thereof
US10153194 Array of gated devices and methods of forming an array of gated devices
US10153195 Semiconductor constructions comprising dielectric material
US10153196 Arrays of cross-point memory structures
US10153197 Methods of forming one or more covered voids in a semiconductor substrate
US10153198 Low-resistance contact plugs and method forming same
US10153199 Semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor
US10153200 Methods of forming a nanostructured polymer material including block copolymer materials
US10153201 Method for making a dipole-based contact structure to reduce the metal-semiconductor contact resistance in MOSFETs
US10153202 Neutral atom beam nitridation for copper interconnect
US10153203 Methods for forming metal layers in openings and apparatus for forming same
US10153204 Wafer level packaging of reduced-height infrared detectors
US10153205 Package with metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
US10153206 Dicing method and laser processing apparatus
US10153207 Method for manufacturing a silicon carbide wafer using a susceptor having draining openings
US10153208 High frequency attenuator
US10153209 Insulating gate separation structure and methods of making same
US10153210 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
US10153211 Methods, apparatus, and system for fabricating finFET devices with increased breakdown voltage
US10153212 Semiconductor device including contact structure
US10153213 Process of forming an electronic device including a drift region, a sinker region and a resurf region
US10153214 Patterning method and a method of fabricating a semiconductor device using the same
US10153215 Oven enclosure for optical components with integrated purge gas pre-heater
US10153216 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
US10153217 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
US10153218 Semiconductor structure and manufacturing method thereof
US10153219 Fan out wafer level package type semiconductor package and package on package type semiconductor package including the same
US10153221 Face down dual sided chip scale memory package
US10153222 Package structures and methods of forming the same
US10153223 Thermally enhanced semiconductor package with thermal additive and process for making the same
US10153224 Backside spacer structures for improved thermal performance
US10153225 Systems and methods for optimizing information handling system component temperature for performance
US10153226 Heat dissipating device
US10153227 Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
US10153228 Semiconductor device
US10153229 Method of manufacturing semiconductor products, corresponding semiconductor product and device
US10153230 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a semiconductor chip mounted over a metal plate having an inclined surface
US10153231 Interconnect structure and fabrication method thereof
US10153232 Crack stop with overlapping vias
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