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US10153233 Interconnect structure and fabricating method thereof
US10153235 Image sensor device and image sensor module comprising the same
US10153236 Semiconductor device and power electronics apparatus
US10153237 Chip package and method for forming the same
US10153238 Electrical channel including pattern voids
US10153239 Antennas and waveguides in InFO structures
US10153240 Method of packaging semiconductor devices
US10153241 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
US10153242 Electronic device interconnections for high temperature operability
US10153243 Semiconductor devices, methods of manufacture thereof, and packaged semiconductor devices
US10153244 Display Device
US10153245 Semiconductor device
US10153246 Method for producing member for semiconductor device and semiconductor device, and member for semiconductor device
US10153247 Methods of forming wire interconnect structures
US10153248 Semiconductor device and method of forming insulating layers around semiconductor die
US10153249 Dual-sided integrated fan-out package
US10153250 Flip-chip electronic device with carrier having heat dissipation elements free of solder mask
US10153251 Apparatuses and methods for scalable memory
US10153252 Wafer to wafer structure and method of fabricating the same
US10153253 Package-bottom through-mold via interposers for land-side configured devices for system-in-package apparatus
US10153254 Microelectronic device packages, stacked microelectronic device packages, and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices
US10153255 Semiconductor package having a high reliability
US10153256 Micro-transfer printable electronic component
US10153258 LED package
US10153260 Light-emitting diode (LED) device
US10153261 Cooling system for high power application specific integrated circuit with embedded high bandwidth memory
US10153262 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
US10153263 Patterned material layer and patterning method
US10153264 Static random access memory (SRAM) cell including fin-type transistor
US10153265 Dummy cell arrangement and method of arranging dummy cells
US10153266 Semiconductor device
US10153267 ESD-protective-function-equipped composite electronic component
US10153268 Organic surface treatments for display glasses to reduce ESD
US10153269 Low dynamic resistance low capacitance diodes
US10153270 Electrostatic discharge protection devices
US10153271 ESD protection device and method
US10153272 Semiconductor integrated circuit
US10153273 Metal-semiconductor heterodimension field effect transistors (MESHFET) and high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) based device and method of making the same
US10153274 Semiconductor device
US10153275 Method of operating an IGBT having switchable and non-switchable diode cells
US10153276 Group III heterojunction semiconductor device having silicon carbide-containing lateral diode
US10153277 Integrated circuit device and method of fabricating the same
US10153278 Fin-type field effect transistor structure and manufacturing method thereof
US10153279 Compact and reliable changeable negative voltage transmission circuit
US10153280 Replacement gate process for FinFET
US10153281 Memory cells and memory arrays
US10153282 Ultra-high vacuum transport and storage
US10153283 Semiconductor devices including conductive contacts and insulation patterns arranged in an alternating sequence and methods of fabricating the same
US10153284 Semiconductor device having buried gate structure and method for manufacturing the same, memory cell having the same and electronic device having the same
US10153285 Formation method of semiconductor device with embedded capacitor
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