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US10153286 SRAM cells with vertical gate-all-round MOSFETs
US10153287 Layout pattern for static random access memory
US10153288 Double metal layout for memory cells of a non-volatile memory
US10153289 Non-volatile memory and fabricating method thereof
US10153290 Structure and method for single gate non-volatile memory device
US10153292 Vertical memory devices having dummy channel regions
US10153293 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10153294 Method of ONO stack formation
US10153295 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of forming same
US10153296 Memory device and method for manufacturing same
US10153297 Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
US10153298 Integrated structures and methods of forming vertically-stacked memory cells
US10153299 Vertical ferroelectric field effect transistor constructions, constructions comprising a pair of vertical ferroelectric field effect transistors, vertical strings of ferroelectric field effect transistors, and vertical strings of laterally opposing pairs of vertical ferroelectric field effect transistors
US10153300 Semiconductor device including a high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) and method for manufacturing the same
US10153301 Logic circuit, processing unit, electronic component, and electronic device
US10153302 Pixel structure
US10153303 Display device and electronic device
US10153304 Thin film transistors, arrays substrates, and manufacturing methods
US10153305 Array substrate, manufacturing method thereof, and display device
US10153306 Transistor layout with low aspect ratio
US10153307 Semiconductor device with reduced electrostatic discharge (ESD) in a manufacturing process
US10153308 Manufacturing method for thin film transistor and array substrate
US10153309 Manufacturing method of display panel
US10153310 Stacked-chip backside-illuminated SPAD sensor with high fill-factor
US10153311 Image sensor
US10153312 Back-side illuminated pixel
US10153313 Unit pixel for image sensor comprising contact pad connected to light receiving portion
US10153314 Semiconductor apparatus, solid-state image pickup device, image pickup apparatus, and electronic apparatus
US10153315 Photosensitive imaging apparatus and method of forming same
US10153316 Mechanisms for forming image sensor device with deep-trench isolation structure
US10153317 Image sensors comprising a chamber to confine a sample at a sensor surface of successive light sensitive subareas and non-light sensitive areas
US10153318 Image sensor device with first and second source followers and related methods
US10153319 CMOS image sensor with dual damascene grid design having absorption enhancement structure
US10153320 Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
US10153321 Radiation detector core assembly and method for constructing the same
US10153322 Organic light emitting display device
US10153323 Method of producing semiconductor epitaxial wafer, semiconductor epitaxial wafer, and method of producing solid-state image sensor
US10153324 Low-voltage charge-coupled devices with a heterostructure charge-storage well
US10153325 Maskless parallel pick-and-place transfer of micro-devices
US10153326 Memory device
US10153327 Semiconductor device including data storage pattern between isolation lines
US10153328 OLED display panle and a package method
US10153329 Method of manufacturing display panel
US10153330 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus having an evaluation pattern
US10153331 Display device
US10153332 Display device
US10153333 Method for manufacturing an OLED backplate and method for manufacturing an OLED panel
US10153334 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
US10153335 Manufacturing method of transistor on color filter type organic light emitting display and transistor on color filter type organic light emitting display
US10153336 Semiconductor device and a display device including the same
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