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US10153389 Tellurate joining glass having processing temperatures less than or equal to 420° C
US10153390 Bifacial solar cell
US10153391 Graphene display
US10153392 Method of manufacturing light emitting element
US10153393 Light emitting diode of which an active area comprises layers of inn
US10153395 Advanced electronic device structures using semiconductor structures and superlattices
US10153396 Patterned layer design for group III nitride layer growth
US10153397 Semiconductor light-emitting device
US10153398 Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
US10153399 Optoelectronic device comprising semiconductor elements and its fabrication process
US10153400 Optoelectronic semiconductor device, method of producing an electrical contact and method of producing a semiconductor device
US10153401 Passivated micro LED structures suitable for energy efficient displays
US10153402 Light-emitting element
US10153403 Package and light-emitting device
US10153404 LED with high thermal conductivity particles in phosphor conversion layer
US10153405 Fluorescent material, light emitting device, and method for producing fluorescent material
US10153406 Mn-activated hexafluorosilicates for LED applications
US10153407 Packaging method for high gamut white light quantum dot LED
US10153408 Light-emitting apparatus and illumination apparatus
US10153409 Vacuum lamination method for forming a conformally coated article and associated conformally coated articles formed therefrom
US10153410 Method for manufacturing light-emitting device
US10153411 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing light emitting device
US10153412 Package structure for ultraviolet light-emitting diode
US10153413 Light-emitting device
US10153414 Optoelectronic component
US10153415 Light emitting device having dual sealing resins
US10153416 Package body and light emitting device using same
US10153417 Heat conversion device
US10153418 Control circuit of piezoelectric driving device, piezoelectric driving device, ultrasonic motor, robot, hand, and pump
US10153419 Component for electrically contacting a piezo stack, a piezo stack, and method for producing the same
US10153420 Strain amplification structure and synthetic jet actuator
US10153421 Piezoelectric transistors with intrinsic anti-parallel diodes
US10153422 Semiconductor memory device
US10153423 Electronic device
US10153424 Semiconductor device and mounting structure of semiconductor device
US10153425 Spin logic device and electronic equipment including same
US10153426 Manufacturing method of magnetoresistive effect element
US10153427 Magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) performance by introducing oxidants to methanol with or without noble gas during MTJ etch
US10153428 Structures incorporating and methods of forming metal lines including carbon
US10153429 Memory device
US10153430 Germanium-based barrier modulated cell
US10153431 Resistive memory having confined filament formation
US10153432 Resistive random access memory structure and manufacturing method thereof
US10153433 Methods of forming memory cells
US10153434 Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
US10153435 Aromatic amine derivative and electroluminescence device using the same
US10153436 Compound for an organic optoelectronic element, organic light-emitting element comprising same, and display device comprising the organic light-emitting element
US10153437 Compound, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
US10153438 Organic light-emitting device
US10153439 Charge transport material
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