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US10153440 Blue phosphorescence compound and organic light emitting diode comprising the same
US10153441 Organic metal compound, organic light-emitting device, and lighting device employing the same
US10153442 Iridium complex, OLED using the same, and nitrogen-containing tridentate ligand having carbene unit
US10153443 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
US10153444 Organic electroluminescent devices and metal complex compounds
US10153445 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
US10153446 Display device having pixels including different semiconductor materials
US10153447 Organic solar cell and preparation method thereof
US10153448 Display device and method of manufacturing display device
US10153449 Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
US10153450 Fused aromatic derivative and organic electroluminescence device using the same
US10153451 Organic light emitting device
US10153452 Organic light emitting device
US10153453 Electronic device
US10153454 Organic light-emitting element and production method thereof
US10153455 Display device and method of manufacturing a display device
US10153457 Flexible display device
US10153458 Organic light emitting diode
US10153459 Optoelectronic package
US10153460 Display device
US10153461 Display panel and method for manufacturing the same
US10153462 Manufacturing method of flexible OLED display panel
US10153463 Rechargeable battery
US10153464 Battery cover
US10153465 Top cap assembly for secondary battery
US10153466 Rechargeable battery
US10153468 Laminated porous film, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery separator, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
US10153469 Non-woven fabric made from fiber coated with organic binder polymer compound, electrochemical cell comprising the non-woven fabric, and method for making the non-woven fabric
US10153470 Polyolefin porous membrane, battery separator obtained using same, and method of producing same
US10153471 Lithium ion secondary battery
US10153472 Microporous membrane of polyethylene-based composite material and preparation method thereof
US10153473 Separator for electricity storage device, laminate and porous film
US10153474 Separators having improved temperature ranges for battery shutdown
US10153475 Electrical connector for portable multi-cell electrical energy storage device
US10153476 Electrode tab pad plate
US10153477 Lithium-ion secondary battery and method of producing the same
US10153478 Secondary battery
US10153479 Apparatus, secondary battery, electronic device, and battery management unit
US10153480 Electrode for secondary battery and secondary battery including the same
US10153481 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
US10153482 Method for manufacturing of slurry for production of battery film
US10153483 Lithium ion batteries using discrete carbon nanotubes, methods for production thereof and products obtained therefrom
US10153484 Anode active material and method of preparing the same
US10153486 Positive electrode material, positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
US10153487 Lithium complex oxide
US10153488 Method for preparing lithium iron phosphate nanopowder coated with carbon
US10153489 Lithium-containing composite oxide and process for its production
US10153490 Composite transition metal oxide-based precursor, preparing method thereof, and cathode active material using the same
US10153491 Secondary battery
US10153492 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same and rechargeable lithium battery including same
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