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US10153493 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
US10153494 Electrode having electrically actuated fibers for electron conduction
US10153495 Method for producing core-shell catalyst
US10153496 Fuel cell device and system
US10153497 Modular electrochemical cell and stack design
US10153498 Fuel cell separator and fuel cell
US10153499 Unsymmetric compact metal seal beads for fuel cell stack
US10153501 Fuel cell system and control method therefor
US10153502 Electrochemical systems incorporating in situ spectroscopic determination of state of charge and methods directed to the same
US10153503 Systems and methods for management of additives in electrochemical cells
US10153504 Fuel cell system
US10153505 Multi-acid polymers from multifunctional amino acids and sulfonyl halide precursors and methods of making the same
US10153506 Liquid composition, process for its production, and process for producing membrane-electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
US10153507 Method of making a nanocomposite polyelectrolyte membrane
US10153508 Method for manufacturing solid oxide fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell
US10153509 Electrode, and fuel cell and water treatment equipment each using same
US10153510 Non-aqueous redox flow batteries including 3,7-perfluoroalkylated phenothiazine derivatives
US10153511 Rechargeable nanoelectrofuel electrodes and devices for high energy density flow batteries
US10153512 Electrolyte solution and battery
US10153513 Triblock brush block copolymers
US10153514 Polymer composition with electrophilic groups for stabilization of lithium sulfur batteries
US10153515 Nonaqueous electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery employing the same
US10153516 Overcharge protection electrolyte additive for lithium ion batteries
US10153517 Sodium secondary battery
US10153518 Nonaqueous electrolyte lithium secondary battery
US10153519 Deformable origami batteries
US10153520 Manufacturing method for all-solid-state battery, manufacturing apparatus for all-solid-state battery, and all-solid-state battery
US10153521 Systems and methods for detecting a battery pack having an operating issue or defect
US10153522 Battery pack
US10153523 Traction battery thermal management method and system
US10153524 Vehicle cooling system using gravity based fluid flow
US10153525 Arrangement having an electrical component and a heat exchanger
US10153526 Assembled battery
US10153528 Metal hydride-air (MH-AIR) battery for low cost storage applications
US10153529 Apparatus and method for estimating state of charge of metal-air battery
US10153530 Metal-air battery
US10153531 Multilayer microwave filter
US10153532 Filter structure improvement
US10153533 Waveguide
US10153534 Transmission line cable
US10153535 Bond channel reliefs for bonded assemblies and related techniques
US10153536 Magic-Y splitter
US10153538 Antenna with radiator fixed by fusion, and manufacturing method thereof
US10153539 Antenna device and electronic device having the same
US10153540 Antenna for appendage-worn miniature communications device
US10153541 Autotune mobile antenna
US10153542 Mobile satellite system
US10153543 Antenna mounting arrangement for an off-road vehicle
US10153544 Electronic device and protective housing
US10153545 Systems and techniques for improving signal levels in a shadowing region of a seeker system
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