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US10153597 PC board mounted jack connector assembly
US10153598 Terminal and charging connector with temperature measurement
US10153599 Power plug structure for light emitting electric power cord
US10153600 Angled coaxial connectors for receiving electrical conductor pins having different sizes
US10153601 Mobile terminal, earphone socket and method for manufacturing earphone socket
US10153602 Electrical junction box system
US10153603 Adapter system
US10153604 Electrical connector with an insulating body integral with a housing
US10153605 Contacting part for a drive module, drive module, and method for producing a contacting part
US10153606 Method to control crimping processes using ultrasonic transmission analysis
US10153607 Passive Q-switch laser and method for optimizing action of the same
US10153608 Spectrally multiplexing diode pump modules to improve brightness
US10153609 GaN pumped ruby laser
US10153610 Laser source, and apparatus and method for simultaneously interacting with a plurality of atomic species
US10153611 Termination voltage circuits
US10153612 Tunable laser bias circuit
US10153613 Light-emitting element and method for manufacturing the same
US10153614 Creating arbitrary patterns on a 2-D uniform grid VCSEL array
US10153615 Rigid high power and high speed lasing grid structures
US10153616 Electron beam pumped vertical cavity surface emitting laser
US10153617 Laser, laser modulation method and laser combination system
US10153618 Spark plug
US10153619 Spark plug
US10153620 Spark plug
US10153621 Spark plug
US10153622 Spark plug having the thickness of a magnetic member without excessively narrowing an electrode member
US10153623 Ion generator device support
US10153624 Container for energy storage apparatus
US10153625 Interlock device for preventing close during insertion or withdraw on circuit breaker in switch board
US10153627 Floor cable cover for heavy-use environments
US10153628 Electrical component enclosure for recessing into and fixing to a surface
US10153629 Thermal cooling interface for electrical joints
US10153630 Exterior end portion cap and wire harness
US10153631 Electrical protection device and method of protecting an electronic device
US10153632 Device and method for protecting an electrical system component of a vehicle electrical system
US10153633 Method and device for monitoring an electrical network in a rail vehicle, and rail vehicle
US10153634 Switch box and overcurrent preventing method
US10153635 System for detecting a falling electric power conductor and related methods
US10153636 Electric vehicle hybrid battery system
US10153637 Apparatus and method for prediction of an energy brown out
US10153638 Adaptation of polyphase waveguide probes
US10153639 Power-domain current balance
US10153640 Unified power flow controller and control method thereof
US10153641 Extending black-start availability using energy storage systems
US10153642 Multiphase generator-conversion systems
US10153643 Wireless power supply device and wireless power supply system
US10153644 Delivering and negotiating wireless power delivery in a multi-receiver system
US10153646 Battery overcharge preventing device
US10153647 Storage battery system
US10153648 Voltage and polarity negotiation based mobile device battery charging
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